How to Amend, Correct or Complete a Vital Record in Maine

Welcome to Maine Vital Records.  Maine officially started keeping records on January 1, 1892. On occasion, errors may be found when individuals receive a copy of a vital record. Maine Vital Records currently provides individuals with the option to amend, correct or complete a vital record by applying for the amendment by the completion of a written application or online application.

  1. Written requests may be made using the application for correcting or completing a vital record (VS-7) form.  The applicant’s signature on the application form must be witnessed by an official authorized to take oaths and documentary evidence to support the change must be provided if the vital record is more than 90 days from the date the vital record was filed.  A copy of a government issued identification (or two alternate forms of identification) and a self-addressed, STAMPED envelope along with payment by check or money order may be mailed directly to the address provided on the VS-7 form (link provided below).  Please review the application and instructions to determine what information may be amended and if documentary evidence is required. 
  2. Maine Vital Records has partnered with an independent company, VitalChek.  Individuals may now apply to amend, correct or complete a birth record by using an online system.  When using this system, the written application (VS-7) is not required.  Individuals must answer questions related to the birth record to determine eligibility and documentary evidence requirements (if applicable) by completing the online application.

An additional fee to expedite orders is charged by VitalChek for using this service. All major credit cards are accepted.  Please select the link below to start the online application.

The processing time for corrections or amendments to vital records takes approximately 4-6 weeks and may require supporting documentation and a fee. Individuals who need a correction or amendment to a vital record must make an appointment by contacting Vital Records at (207) 287-3771 or toll-free 1-888-664-9491 option 4.