Final CHNA Reports

Below are the final reports for the 2019 Maine Shared Community Health Needs Assessment Maine's 16 Counties. Each report lists the priorities identified during the 2018 Community Engagement Process and includes notes from forums, key informant interviews, and community events. These notes are further highlighted by relevant data points found in the Data Health Profiles, and research for background on how these priorities effect our health.

Below are the 2015-2016 CHNA reports, previously known as the Shared Health Needs Assessment and Planning Process (SHNAPP) Reports.

State Report:

County Reports:

2016 District Public Health Improvement Plans

To locate the District Health Improvement Plans, visit the Local Public Health Districts page and follow the link to each of Maine's Public Health Districts. On each Public Health District's home page, click the, "District Coordinating Council" link in the left navigation bar, then click on the "District Health Improvement Plan".