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Municipal Water Systems (Public Water Utilities)

A 'municipal water system' (a.k.a., a water utility) generally refers to an organization engaged in furnishing water to the public within a municipal or regional division for household or drinking purposes. Usually, these utilities are owned and operated by either local (municipal) government agencies or quasi-autonomous corporations governed by a board of trustees, although private utilities do exist. Still, even if a utility does not fall under the auspices of a particular governmental entity, the system is subject to government regulation in the public’s interest.

In Maine, municipal water systems are regulated by the Drinking Water Program to ensure compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act. The DWP provides regulatory oversight of water sources and retrieval, treatment, storage, and distribution to consumers, all with an eye to protecting public health. The DWP is not involved in oversight of a water utility’s business operations or consumer relations.

All concerns or complaints regarding a water utility’s business practices and management, or questions concerning rates, billing, and/or access to service should be directed to the Maine Public Utilities Commission (PUC).

The table below lists all of the municipal water systems in Maine (including links to their websites), their extended service areas, and – in the third column – the DWP inspection district in which they are located and the Public Water System Inspector responsible for that district. Please note: not all municipal water systems have a web presence. While we have attempted to provide as comprehensive a list as possible, updates to these listings are always welcome and may be sent to the DWP web manager.

Please note: Inspection for systems in District J (northern Maine) is currently a vacant positon. For information regarding DWP oversight of these systems, please call the DWP main line at (207) 287-2070.

Public Water Utilities in Maine

Utility Name Extended Service Area District, Inspector
Addison Point Water District Addison District J:
Alfred Water District Alfred District I: Denise Douin
Andover Water District Andover District I: Denise Douin
Anson & Madison Water District Anson, Madison, Embden District J:
Ashland Water & Sewer District Ashland District J:
Auburn Water District Auburn District I: Denise Douin
Baileyville Utilities District Baileyville District J:
Bangor Water District Bangor, Clifton, Eddington, Hampden, Hermon, Orrington, Veazie District J:
Bar Harbor (Town of) - Water Division Bar Harbor District J:
Bath Water District Bath, Brunswick, West Bath, Wiscasset, Woowich District I: Denise Douin
Belfast Water District Belfast, Northport District J:
Berwick Water Department Berwick District I: Denise Douin
Bethel Water District Bethel District I: Denise Douin
Biddeford & Saco Division - Maine Water Company Biddeford, Saco District I: Denise Douin
Bingham Water District Bingham, Moscow District J:
Boothbay Region Water District Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor, Southport District I: Denise Douin
Bowdoinham Water District Bowdoinham District I: Denise Douin
Brewer Water Department Brewer, Clifton, Eddington, Holden, Orrington District J:
Bridgton Water District Bridgton District I: Denise Douin
Brownville Junction Water Department Brownville District J:
Brownville Water & Sewer Department Brownville District J:
Brunswick & Topsham Water District Brunswick, Topsham District I: Denise Douin
Buckfield Village Corporation Buckfield District I: Denise Douin
Bucksport Division - Maine Water Company Bucksport District J:
Calais Water Department Calais District J:
Camden & Rockland Division - Maine Water Company Camden, Rockland, Owls Head, Rockport, Thomaston, Warren District I: Denise Douin
Canton Water District Canton District I: Denise Douin
Caribou Utilities District Caribou District J:
Castine Water District Castine District J:
Clinton Water District Clinton District I: Denise Douin
Corinna Water District Corinna District J:
Cornish Water District Cornish District I: Denise Douin
Danforth Water District Danforth District J:
Deer Isle Consumer Owned Water Utility Deer Isle District J:
Dexter Utility District Dexter District J:
Dixfield Water Department Dixfield District I: Denise Douin
Dover & Foxcroft Water District Dover-Foxcroft District J:
Dresden Water Department Dresden District I: Denise Douin
Eagle Lake Water & Sewer District Eagle Lake District J:
East Millinocket Water Works East Millinocket District J:
East Pittston Water District Pittston District I: Denise Douin
East Vassalboro Water Company Vassalboro District I: Denise Douin
Ellsworth Water Department Ellsworth District J:
Eustis Water Department Eustis District J:
Exeter Water Department Exeter District J:
Farmington Falls Standard Water District Farmington, Chesterville, New Sharon District I: Denise Douin
Farmington Village Corporation Farmington District I: Denise Douin
Fort Fairfield Utilities District Fort Fairfield District J:
Fort Kent Utilities District Fort Kent District J:
Franklin Water Department Franklin District J:
Freeport Division - Maine Water Company Freeport District I: Denise Douin
Friendship Water Department Friendship District I: Denise Douin
Fryeburg Water Company Fryeburg District I: Denise Douin
Gardiner Water District Gardiner, Randolph, Farmingdale, Pittston District I: Denise Douin
Grand Isle Water Department Grand Isle District J:
Gray Water District Gray District I: Denise Douin
Great Salt Bay Sanitary District Damariscotta, Newcastle, Nobleboro District I: Denise Douin
Greater Augusta Utility District Augusta, Manchester, Chelsea, Hallowell, Winthrop, Vassalboro District I: Denise Douin
Greenville Division - Maine Water Company Greenville District J:
Guilford-Sangerville Water District Guilford, Sangerville, Abbot, Parkman District J:
Hallowell Water District Hallowell, Chelsea, Farmingdale District I: Denise Douin
Hampden Water District Hampden District J:
Harrison Water District Harrison District I: Denise Douin
Hartland Division - Maine Water Company Hartland District J:
Hebron Water Company Hebron District I: Denise Douin
Houlton Water Company Houlton District J:
Howland Water Department Howland District J:
Island Falls Water Department Island Falls District J:
Jackman Utility District Jackman District J:
Jay Village Water District Jay District I: Denise Douin
Kennebec Water District Waterville, Winslow, Fairfield, Benton, Vassalboro District I: Denise Douin
Kennebunk, Kennebunkport & Wells Water District Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Wells District I: Denise Douin
Kezar Falls Division - Maine Water Company Hiram, Parsonsfield, Porter District I: Denise Douin
Kingfield Water District Kingfield District J:
Kittery Water District Kittery District I: Denise Douin
Lewiston Public Works, Water Division Lewiston District I: Denise Douin
Limerick Water District Limerick District I: Denise Douin
Limestone Water & Sewer District Limestone District J:
Lincoln Water District Lincoln District J:
Lisbon Water Department Lisbon District I: Denise Douin
Livermore Falls Water District Livermore District I: Denise Douin
Long Pond Water District Sorrento, Sullivan District J:
Lubec Water District Lubec District J:
Machias Water Company Machias District J:
Madawaska Water District Madawaska District J:
Mars Hill and Blaine Water Company Mars Hill, Blaine District J:
Mechanic Falls Water Department Mechanic Falls District I: Denise Douin
Mexico Water District Mexico District I: Denise Douin
Milbridge Water District Milbridge District J:
Millinocket Division - Maine Water Company Millinocket District J:
Milo Water District Milo District J:
Monson Utilities District Monson District J:
Morrill Village Water District Morrill District I: Denise Douin
Moscow Water District Moscow District J:
Mount Blue Standard Water District Avon, Phillips District J:
Mount Desert Water District Mount Desert District J:
New Gloucester Water District New Gloucester District I: Denise Douin
New Portland Water District New Portland District J:
New Sharon Water District New Sharon District I: Denise Douin
Newport Water District Newport District J:
Norridgewock Water District Norridgewock District J:
North Berwick Water District North Berwick District I: Denise Douin
North Haven Water Department North Haven District I: Denise Douin
North Jay Water District Jay District I: Denise Douin
Northport Village Corporation Northport District I: Denise Douin
Norway Water District Norway District I: Denise Douin
Oakland Division - Maine Water Company Oakland District I: Denise Douin
Old Town Water District Old Town, Milford, Bradley, Orono, the Penobscot Indian Nation on Indian Island. District J:
Oquossoc Standard Water District Rangeley District J:
Orono-Veazie Water District Orono, Veazie District J:
Oxford Water District Oxford District I: Denise Douin
Paris Utility District Paris District I: Denise Douin
Passamaquoddy Water District Eastport, Perry, Pleasant Point District J:
Patten Water Department Patten District J:
Pine Springs Road and Water LLC Shapleigh District I: Denise Douin
Pittsfield Water Department Pittsfield District J:
Plymouth Water District Plymouth District J:
Port Clyde Water District St George (Port Clyde) District I: Denise Douin
Portland Water District Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland, Falmouth, Gorham, Raymond, Scarborough, South Portland, Standish, Westbrook, Windham District I: Denise Douin
Presque Isle Utilities District Presque Isle District J:
Princeton Water District Princeton District J:
Quantabacook Water District Harrington District J:
Rangeley Water District Rangeley, Rangeley Plantation, Dallas Plantation, Sandy River Plantation District J:
Richmond Utilities District Richmond, Bowdoinham District I: Denise Douin
Rumford Water District Rumford District I: Denise Douin
Sabattus Sanitary District Sabattus District I: Denise Douin
Sanford Water District Sanford District I: Denise Douin
Searsport Water District Searsport, Stockton Springs District J:
Skowhegan Division - Maine Water Company Skowhegan District J:
Solon Water District Solon District J:
South Berwick Water District South Berwick, Berwick District I: Denise Douin
South Freeport Water District Freeport District I: Denise Douin
Southwest Harbor Water & Sewer District Southwest Harbor District J:
St Francis Water District St Francis District J:
Starks Water District Starks District J:
Stonington Water Company Stonington District J:
Strong Water District Strong District J:
Tenants Harbor Water District St George (Tenants Harbor) District I: Denise Douin
Van Buren Water District Van Buren District J:
Vinalhaven Water District Vinalhaven District I: Denise Douin
Waldoboro Water Department Waldoboro District I: Denise Douin
Washburn Water & Sewer District Washburn District J:
Waterboro Water Department Waterboro District I: Denise Douin
West Paris Water District West Paris District I: Denise Douin
Wilton Water Department Wilton District I: Denise Douin
Winter Harbor Water District Winter Harbor District J:
Winterport Water District Winterport District J:
Winthrop Utilities District Winthrop District I: Denise Douin
Wiscasset Water District Wiscasset, Woolwich District I: Denise Douin
Yarmouth Water District Yarmouth, North Yarmouth District I: Denise Douin
York Water District York District I: Denise Douin

Updated 8/9/2023