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SAA Family Resources
Safety & Training
Safety Center Resources
Sample Parent Questionnaire
Sample Student Questionnaire
Sara Alert Information
SAU Distance Learning Plans
SAU General Supervision and Monitoring
Scholarships & Loans: Affording College
School & Student Supports (O3S)
School and Student Supports Professional Development & Events
School Approval Waivers
School Based Mental Health Supports
School Board Reapportionment
School Boards
School Breakfast Program (SBP)
School Bus Bid Module
School Bus Bid Module
School Bus Drivers
School Bus Refurbishment Program Update
School Bus Safety
School Bus Security
School Bus Types
School Climate
School Closure Procedures and Information
School Construction Committee
School Construction Final Funding Review
School Construction Final Funding Review
School Counseling
School District Expenditures by Budget Category
School District Organization and Cost Sharing
School Emergency Management Training
School Enrollment, Attendance and Eligibility
School Finance Data
School Finance Training Materials
School Food Authority (SFA) Verification Collection Report
School Funding - General Purpose Aid (GPA)
School Health
School Health Manual
School Health Manual- Chronic Diseases
School Health Resources - Covid-19
School Health Services
School in Maine
School Psychologist Requirements
School Resource Officers in Maine
School Revolving Renovation Fund
School Safety
School Safety Legislation & Policy
School Security
School Transportation Operations Program (Transfinder)
Schools & Programs
Science & Engineering
Science and Engineering Standards - Elementary
Science and Engineering Standards - High School
Science and Engineering Standards - Middle School
Science Resources That Support Proficiency-Based Education
Science Standards Review
Science Standards Review 2018
Search for Maine Public & Private Schools
Security Planning
Selection Process
September Update
Serving Special Populations
Set Up Process for MacBook Air
Setting Up & Managing Your Inseego Mifi Hotspot
Setting Up & Managing Your Samsung Galaxy Tab A Tablet
Setting Up Your New Chromebook
Sheffwood Academy
Site & School Climate Assessments
Small Engine Repair and Marine Maintenance
Snow Days 2018 Frequently Asked Questions
Social Emotional Learning
Social Emotional Learning Resources
Social Emotional Learning Trainings
Social Studies
Social Studies
Social Studies Calendar
Social Studies Programs & Initiatives
Social Studies Review 2018
Social Studies Standards & Frameworks
Social Studies Standards - Civics & Government Strand
Social Studies Standards - Geography Strand
Social Studies Standards - History Strand
Social Studies Standards Review
Social Studies Standards Review-Overview
Social Studies Standards – Personal Finance & Economics Strand
Software Image
Speaking and Listening Standards
Speaking Up for Social Studies
Special Ed Monitoring
Special Education Child Count Instructions
Special Education Data
Special Education Directors Directory
Special Education Initiatives
Special Education Initiatives-NEW
Special Education Laws & Regulations
Special Education Resources
Special Observances and Commemorative Days
Special Provisions and CEP
Special Provisions-Laws
Special Purpose Private School Rates
Special Purpose Private Schools
Special Services Resources
Special Services Virtual Meeting Archives
Spotlight on School Safety
Spotlight on Teachers Leading - Remote Learning
SPPS Monitoring Resources
Staff Data
Staff Data Entry Guides
Staff Fall Guidance
Stakeholder Feedback
Stakeholders Panel
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Responding to a Positive Case in Schools
Standards & Assessments
Standards & Instruction - Mathematics
Standards & Instruction - Science & Engineering
Standards & Instruction - Social Studies
Standards & Instruction - Visual & Performing Arts
Standards & Instruction - World Languages
Standards - Life and Career Ready
Standards - Public Preschool
Standards and Curriculum Resources
Standards and Instruction - Health Education
Standards and Instruction - Health Education
Standards and Instruction - Physical Education
Standards and Instructional Support
Standards Review
State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA)
State Board of Education
State Complaint Investigations 2006
State Complaint Investigations 2007
State Complaint Investigations 2008
State Complaint Investigations 2009
State Complaint Investigations 2010
State Complaint Investigations 2011
State Complaint Investigations 2012
State Complaint Investigations 2013
State Complaint Investigations 2014
State Complaint Investigations 2015
State Complaint Investigations 2016
State Complaint Investigations 2017
State Complaint Investigations 2018
State Complaint Investigations 2019
State Complaint Investigations 2020
State Complaint Investigations 2021
State Education Funding - Historical Data
State Laws
State of Maine Sites
State Performance Plan
State-wide Special Education Statistics
Statute Pertaining to Maine Native Studies
Steps to View Past USDA Orders
Stop the Spread of Germs Flyer - Translated Versions
Strategies, Tips, and Tricks from Award Winning Teachers
Structure & Governance
Student and Adult Pricing and Charging
Student Art Exhibits
Student Behavior
Student Behavior Data
Student Board Member Responsibilities
Student Board Members
Student Board Membership Background
Student Cabinet
Student Data Privacy Consortia
Student Eligibility & Applications
Student Enrollment Data
Student Enrollment Guides
Student Leadership
Student Learning Standards for ELA/Literacy
Student Outcome Data
Student Residency
Student Wellness
Students & Families
Submission Confirmed
Submit your Organization
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Subsidy and Debt Service Payments by Month
Suggested Curriculum Implementation
Suicide Prevention and Intervention
Summary of State-subsidized construction projects process
Summer 2021 Organizations and Community Partners
Summer Activity Calendar Ideas
Summer Engagment Opportunities 2021
Summer Food Service Program (SFSP)
Summer Literacy
Summer Social / Emotional / Behavioral Learning
Superintendent Agreements
Superintendents' Agreement Information
Supporters of Teacher Leadership
Supporting Maine Educators: A Forum to Bolster Mental Health in Our Schools
Supporting our Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Supports & Resources
SY19 Procurement Reviews
SY20 Administrative Review Reports
SY20 Procurement Reviews
SY2022 Seamless Summer Option
SY21 Procurement Reviews
SY22 Administrative Reviews
SY22 Procurement Reviews
SY23 Procurement Reviews
SY24 Procurement Reviews
Synergy Instructions
Synergy Related FAQs