Student-Centered Learning Part 1

Welcome to the Student-Centered Learning Part 1 module. At your own pace, watch the short video clips and read the blogs, then reflect on connections to your own practice. This module is approximately 1 hour in length and can be completed in one sitting or in smaller parts. When you have competed the module, click the link to the questionnaire in the box to the right. After successfully submitting the questionnaire, your contact hour certificate will automatically be emailed to the address provided in the questionnaire. If you should have any questions about this process or the content in this module, please contact Kathy Bertini at

Student-Centered Learning Part 1

As we prepare students to enter a world of work where the jobs they will do may not yet exist, we must intentionally provide instruction that moves students from the receiver of information to the explorer of information. We identify the characteristics, challenges and opportunities to shift our instruction to a more student-centered approach.

Consider keeping a learning journal to chart your learning and document your study.


Assignment #1:

Watch this brief video from Edutopia.

Student-Centered Learning: Building Agency and Engagement

    (~ 5 1/2 minutes)

Then review an upcoming lesson and identify opportunities where a shift in instructional moves, student choice, and teacher/student roles can support a more student-centered approach.


Assignment #2:

Read this blog from Edutopia.

Student-Centered Learning: It Starts With the Teacher (~5 minute read)

After you read the blog, what key components are present in your practice?


Assignment #3:

Watch this brief video from Edutopia.

Inquiry-Based Learning in the Art Classroom 

  (~ 3 minutes)

Then review an upcoming lesson and identify opportunities where the inquiry-based approach my apply to support student engagement and learning.


Assignment #4:

Read this blog from Michigan Virtual.

Challenges (And Opportunities) When Implementing Student-Centered Learning Modules (~10 minute read)

background image of a women in a hijab with the quote our focus as educators for so long has been on the teaching part of education. in order for us to really embrace voice and choice, our focus has to shift. The lens through which we look at education has to be through the eyes of the learner.








Reflect on the challenges and opportunities that were discussed. How might you use this information to support your own shift to a more student-centered approach?

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