Overview of Interdisciplinary Instruction

Overview of Interdisciplinary Instruction

Interdisciplinary instruction integrates disciplinary learning across content areas to enhance deep learning and meaningful application of that learning. Begin by studying updated approaches to both interdisciplinary and project-based learning, then exploring current thinking about why this approach is beneficial for our students, schools, and communities. The principles of interdisciplinary and project-based learning are familiar and innovative at once. Learn about what has changed, what is possible, and how you might begin. 




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 What is Interdisciplinary Instruction and Project-Based Learning?

Interdisciplinary learning is a method of instruction that reflects authentic application of the learning in multi-faceted contexts.

Maine DOE’s Definition and Elements for Interdisciplinary Learning

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Why do Interdisciplinary and Project-Based Learning?

Interdisciplinary Instruction is engaging and relevant, builds on student-centered learning, and enhances both critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Why is Interdisciplinary Instruction Important?