Student-Centered Learning Part 2

Welcome to the Student-Centered Learning Part 2 module. At your own pace, read through the article and watch the short video clip, then reflect on connections to your own practice. This module is approximately 1 hour in length and can be completed in one sitting or in smaller parts. When you have competed the module, click the link to the questionnaire in the box to the right. After successfully submitting the questionnaire, your contact hour certificate will automatically be emailed to the address provided in the questionnaire. If you should have any questions about this process or the content in this module, please contact Kathy Bertini at

Student-Centered Learning Part 2

As we prepare students to enter a world of work where the jobs they will do may not yet exist, we must intentionally provide instruction that moves students from the receiver of information to the explorer of information. We identify the characteristics, challenges and opportunities to shift our instruction to a more student-centered approach.

Consider keeping a learning journal to chart your learning and document your study.


Assignment #1:

Read this article from Room to Discover.

6 Signs of a Student-Centered Classroom (PDF) (~ 25 minute read)

2 rows of 3 boxes iwth the following words in the boxes: active learning, collaborative Learning, differentiation, social-emotional learning, student voice, technology integration and the caption the six signs of a student-centered classroom














After you read the article, what student-centered practices and/or signs do you see in your own practice/instruction? Give specific examples.


Assignment #2:

Watch this brief video from Edutopia.

Putting Students in Charge of Their Learning Journey

(~5 1/2 minutes) 

Then reflect on a recent lesson you taught. How structured was the lesson? Is there opportunity to remove some of the structure to allow students to take charge?

Now that you have completed Student Centered Learning Part 2, please complete this short questionnaire to receive your contact hour certificate.