Standards - Life and Career Ready


  "While people are busy making a living, they are living a life"


Standards articulate developmentally appropriate enduring understandings and skills that students can apply and transfer to contexts that are new to them. Standards are the beacon that guide the curriculum decisions and the instructional decisions embedded in the learning experiences. In Maine, how schools implement standards is entirely a local decision.

Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between career development and human development, Maine’s Life and Career Ready Standards place social emotional learning and critically and creative thinking on par with academic skills and career development skills because there are skills in each of these areas that students will need no matter what they choose to do after high school.

Engaging students in learning experiences that facilitate students’ thinking deeply about what they are doing and understanding the relevance of the learning can happen in developmentally appropriate ways at any age. Cultivating students’ abilities (at any age) to reflect, monitor, and evaluate their learning strategies will nurture lifelong habits that build flexibility, self-efficacy, and productivity.

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