Life and Career Ready Development

In our rapidly changing world, career development is a life long journey.

To meet the needs of all youth, we all need to examine educational practices and strategies, understanding the need to prepare K-12 students to directly experience and explore a variety of career roles within their communities, to develop understandings of their individual capabilities, interests, and aptitudes, and to engage in developmentally appropriate challenges that build interpersonal skills, active problem-solving, and confidence in their ability to use what they know and are learning to figure things out.

Continuity of Learning

Extended Learning Opportunities inside the walls of school and beyond are one way of intentionally providing students direct experience to explore career roles within their community. Virtual extended learning opportunities can be found on the Life and Career Ready Education Development  Resources page. The Learn with Moose Modules braided with Life and Career Ready standards are another virtual learning support for students.

Building Experiences that Support Students

Life and Career Ready standards implementation support: Wednesdays, 5-6pm, Request zoom link by emailing  (Sessions are informal and discussion is driven by the questions and dilemmas of participants.)



 Life and Career Ready Productive Habits, Understandings, and Skills

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