Health Education

The Maine Department of Education is committed to supporting the delivery of effective health education instructional programs. Quality pre-kindergarten through diploma comprehensive school health education (CSHE) provides students with the knowledge and skills to thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. It contributes to a student's ability to successfully practice behaviors that protect and promote health and avoid and reduce health risks.

Through CSHE, students learn basic health concepts and develop the skills required to obtain, adopt, practice and maintain health-enhancing and safe behaviors, including: analyzing the reliability and validity of media, technology and health resources; communicating effectively using refusal and conflict-management skills; being better consumers of information; managing life challenges and stress; setting goals; and making healthy decisions. CSHE assists students in achieving academic success and practicing healthy lifestyle behaviors.

As part of the Maine DOE’s commitment to supporting schools in the delivery of effective prekindergarten through diploma health education instructional programs, this site provides teachers, administrators, nonprofits, higher education faculty, parents and community members with a broad range of resources and tools reflective of Maine’s learning standards. In addition, the Maine DOE Health Education Program staff offer technical assistance and professional development on CSHE curriculum, instruction and assessment.


Susan Berry
Health Education and Health Promotion Coordinator
Coordinated School Health Team
(207) 624-6695