Social Studies

Social studies teaches students not what to think, but how to think. The knowledge, skills and dispositions gained through social studies allow students to make informed decisions and participate fully in civic life. Engagement in social studies provides students with the opportunity to learn about their world and become active and involved members of their local and global communities.

The Maine Department of Education recognizes that social studies is an integral part of a comprehensive education preparing learners for college, careers and civic life. Through the study of each of the four strands of social studies—civics and government, personal finance and economics, geography, and history—students are provided with opportunities to acquire and apply knowledge and skills in a variety of authentic contexts. 

As part of the Maine DOE's commitment to supporting schools in the delivery of effective K-12 social studies instructional programs, this site offers teachers, administrators, nonprofits, higher education faculty, parents and community members with a broad range of resources reflective of Maine’s learning standards.

The State of Maine recently completed a mandatory Social Studies review process. Check out the new Standards and Instruction page to see the revised standards and supporting materials.

Recent Professional Development Opportunities:

The Power of Technology to Build Culturally Responsive Classrooms with EVERFI (Grades 8-12)

We find ourselves in a moment where the dialogue about racism - both systemic and interpersonal, is happening across the nation. As we continue to build our class culture, many educators are looking for ways to address these conversations about race in their classrooms in alignment with culturally responsive teaching practices. On Thursday, June 3 at 3:30pm ET, join EVERFI’s Maine Schools Manager Kayla Boyer, for a conversation about how educators can both strengthen their culturally responsive instruction and facilitate discussions around race, privilege, systemic racism and more in their classrooms.

In this session, they will discuss ways educators can celebrate diversity as well as strategies to create opportunities for deeper classroom conversations surrounding race and equity. Attendees will also gain access to a digital resource for teaching about Black History as well an Anti-Racism Extension Guide, complete with lessons, activities, and relevant articles. Attendees will receive:

For questions, please contact Kayla Boyer, Maine Schools Manager at or call 603-540-8162. Registration is required and educators can register here.