Standards Review

In 2017, the Department began a round of revisions to the Maine Learning Results. To stagger the implementation of the revised standards, the Department chose to revise 2-3 content areas per year: social studies and science in 2017-2018, career and education development, English language arts, and mathematics in 2018-2019, and health education and physical education, visual and performing arts, and world language in 2019-2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have postponed the revision of the health education and physical education, visual and performing arts, and world language standards. This revision will resume in the summer of 2021.

As part of a four-year phase-in, the Department’s process is to review, and revise as necessary, the standards in year one. This is done in partnership with stakeholders, including teachers, administrators and higher education staff. During year two, we work through the legislative process for major substantive rule chapter approval, and support implementation in year three. In subsequent years, we provide guidance and resources to SAUs in making the transition to the revised standards. There is no pre-determined date when SAU must make the transition to the revised standards. It is the Department’s expectation that SAUs will use their own professional judgment and phase in the revised standards at a pace that makes sense for their students and for their educational practice.

The Maine Department of Education utilizes a 13 step process to review the Maine Learning Results in each of the content areas. View the 13 steps

Below is a list of content area standards and where each is in the review process. 

For more information on the process please contact Beth Lambert, Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning,