Visual & Performing Arts

The Maine Department of Education is committed to supporting schools in the delivery of quality and effective PreK-12 visual and performing arts instruction. Research shows that students involved in the visual and performing arts are more successful in school, more involved in their communities, and perform better on standardized tests. Engagement in the visual and performing arts deepens students’ overall knowledge as well as their social and emotional development.

All Maine publicly-supported schools have implemented the Visual and Performing Arts Standards included in the Maine Learning Results. The standards document outlines a comprehensive pathway to enable every high school graduate to exhibit proficiency in one or more of the visual and performing arts disciplines – dance, music, theatre, and visual arts. Connecting the visual and performing arts with other content areas of the curriculum may improve a student’s engagement and learning.

This site provides students, educators, and community members with visual and performing arts information and resources reflective of Maine's learning standards.