English Language Arts/Literacy Standards Review

English Language Arts (ELA) learning begins long before formal schooling with the development of literacy skills that are biological as well as social. Development of strong ELA/literacy skills is essential because literacy is the foundation for learning across disciplines and for effective communication.The ELA/literacy standards begin at kindergarten with developmentally appropriate reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills articulated as three separate strands but intended to be taught, practiced, and assessed as integrally related. A fourth strand, Language, presents the functional aspect of language development with grammar, usage, mechanics, and vocabulary development. Language standards must be connected to the other strands to better understand the increasingly complex demands of the standards as they develop across the K-12 grade span.

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Standards Review Process


  • Step 1:

    Commissioner gives approval to begin standards review process
  • Step 2:

    Public comment period and hearings on current content standards
  • Step 3:

    Steering Committee: A committee of content area experts who represent the cultural diversity found in Maine and a range of viewpoints as to the content of the standards is formed and tasked to:

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