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Laboratory Safety
Lack of Need Report Requirements for Cities or Towns with Individual Supervision, AOSs, and Unions
Lack of Need Report Requirements for RSUs, SADs, and CSDs
Language Opportunities
Language Standards
Language Standards and Curriculum
Language Use Survey
Laws & Funding
Laws & Regulations
Laws and Rules - Physical Education
Laws, Rules & Policies
Laws, Rules, and Guidance
LEA Determination Letters for FFY 2016
LEA Determination Letters for FFY 2017
LEA Determination Letters for FFY 2018
LEA Determinations for FFY 2019
LEA Plan: Appendix A of ARPA and Appendix B of the Interim Final Rule
Leadership Development Opportunities
Learn with MOOSE!
Learning and Technology COVID-19 Resources
Learning from Online Learning
Learning Kits
Learning Module - What is MTSS?
Learning Resources for Local Liaisons
Learning Support Programs
Leased Space Program
Legal References
Legislative Action Committee
LGBTQ+ and Gender Expansive Resources
LGBTQ+ Parent Resources
LGBTQ+ School Resources
LGBTQ+ Student Resources
LGBTQ+ Studies
Life and Career Ready
Life Threatening Allergy Management
Link Policy
Listen & Learn
Literacy and Adult Basic Education
Literacy for ME
Literacy for ME - Archived Webinars 2012-13
Literacy for ME - Resources
Literacy for ME 2.0
Literacy for ME Plan
Literacy for ME: Community Literacy Teams
Literacy Links
Literacy Links Archives
Literacy Programs & Initiatives
Local Foods Fund (formerly the Local Produce Fund)
Local Foods in Local Schools
Locate a School in Maine
Location of Enrollment Pools
Lost or Stolen Devices