Leased Space Program

The Maine Department of Education Leased Space Program addresses the need for additional classroom space due to overcrowding, enrollment fluctuations and new programs in order to improve the quality and condition of learning environments for Maine students.

The Department currently subsidizes approved temporary and interim leased space at a maximum rate of $10 per square foot. Temporary instructional space consists of mobile or modular units (portables). Interim instructional space is defined as fixed space that is leased for a defined period of time.

State support for leased space (temporary or interim) can be provided for a maximum of five years. School administrative units (SAUs) may appeal to the Maine Education Commissioner for an extension if this time limit causes a burden.

State support for lease-purchased space (temporary or interim) can also be provided for a maximum of five years. Lease-purchased space is leased for a defined period of time under a lease-purchase agreement, which provides an option to purchase the property at the end of the lease.

SAUs may choose to address long-term space needs by replacing approved temporary or interim leased space with permanent small instructional space. Permanent small instructional space consists of new buildings or additions to existing buildings that are secured to a permanent foundation. The Department supports conversion of State-approved leases to permanent small instructional space by providing subsidy for a maximum of 10 years.

For additional details, refer to Maine DOE Rule Chapter 64, Maine School Facilities Program and School Revolving Renovation Fund.