General Supervision and Monitoring

  • Documents submitted to the Maine DOE for evaluation.  The department will determine if a site visit is necessary.

  • Self Assessment: Districts complete EMT based on child count and  submit to the department for verification. 

  • Site Visit: After verification of submitted information, the department will notify districts if they require a site visit and the date of the visit.

  • Next Steps: 1. Post Visit Letter (if applicable) 2. Summary of Findings 3. Corrective Action Plan

  • Federal Regulations dictate a one-year timeline for completion of a Corrective Action Plan.

Federal Requirements
  • B-4 Suspension/Expulsion
  • B-5: LRE Placement
  • B-8: Parent Survey
  • B-11: Child Find
  • B-13: Secondary Transition

Office of Special Services
Mail: Attn: Julie Pelletier
23 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0023
(207) 624-6713