SAU General Supervision and Monitoring

Monitoring Process
  • Desk Audit Submission: Documents are submitted to the Maine DOE for evaluation.  The department will determine if a site visit is necessary.

  • Self Assessment: Districts complete Electronic Monitoring Tool (EMT) based on child count and  submit to the department for verification. 

  • Site Visit: After verification of submitted information, the department will notify SAU if a site visit is required and a provide the date the monitoring team will visit.

  • Next Steps: 1. Post Visit Letter (if applicable) 2. Pre-findings (if applicable) 3. Summary of Findings 4. Corrective Action Plan

  • Federal Regulations dictate a one-year timeline for completion of a Corrective Action Plan.


Federal Requirements
  • B-4: Suspension/Expulsion
  • B-5: LRE Placement
  • B-8: Parent Survey
  • B-11: Child Find
  • B-13: Secondary Transition


Monitoring Timeline

Monitoring Printable Timeline

Letter of Notification and Instruction

Sent by July 15

Policies and Procedures:

  • Accuracy Document
  • IEP Fund Authorization Letters


Due date based on Child Count


  • 1 Speech/Language Eligibility Forms w/ WNs
  • 3 Learning Disability Evaluation Forms w/WNs
  • 3 Adverse Effect Forms w/WNs
  • 1 Letter of Assurance (Summary of Performance)



Due date based on Child Count

Child Find (B11):

  • 10 Initial Referrals including: Parental Consent to Evaluate, WN or AWN documenting Procedural Safeguards, 1st page of each completed evaluation, 2020-2021 school calendars



Due date based on Child Count

Transition Plans (B13):

  • 2 screener submissions (AWN, WN, and IEP)



Due date based on Child Count

Final Transition Plans (B13):

  • # based on Child Count (AWN, WN, and IEP)

Due dates will be unique to each SAU based on results of the screener


  • Completed EMT-Excel with # based on Child Count of identified students


Due date based on Child Count

Pre-Findings (if any):

  • Non-systemic compliance findings

Due by 30 days from director follow up

Summary of Performance:

  • Summary of all % of compliance for desk audit and on-site visit

Sent upon completion of Desk Audit, Pre-Findings (if any), and Final B-13 submissions

Corrective Action Plan

Sent by 21 days from Summary of Findings

Corrective Action Plan

Due one year from Summary of Findings


SAU Resources

Accuracy Document

EMT: Electronic Monitoring Tool

EMT Word Version

Monitoring Cohort Projection List

Procedural Manual

Special Education Director Directory