General Supervision and Monitoring

The Maine State Department of Education (MDOE) has developed monitoring and data collection processes to meet the general supervision requirements outlined in the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) of 2004.  These processes are compliant with the IDEA State Performance Plan Indicators and focus on growth in Federally mandated performance areas.  Through a combination of Professional Development, data collection and monitoring we aide school districts in compliance with the regulations and improving the outcomes for students with disabilities.
  • Documents submitted to the MDOE for evaluation.  MDOE will determine if a site visit is necessary

  • Self Assessment: Districts complete EMT based on child count, submit to MDOE for verification. 

  • Site Visit: After verification of submitted information, MDOE will notify districts if they require a site visit and the date of the visit.

  • Next Steps: 1. Post Visit Letter (if applicable) 2. Summary of Findings 3. Corrective Action Plan

  • Federal Regulations dictate a one-year timeline for completion of a Corrective Action Plan.

Federal Requirements
  • B-4 Suspension/Expulsion
  • B-5: LRE Placement
  • B-8: Parent Survey
  • B-11: Child Find
  • B-13: Secondary Transition
Office of Special Services
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