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Tick Identification

Maine Medical Center Research Institute (MMCRI) no longer preforms tick identification. All identification is now done through University of Maine Orono's cooperative extension.

If you remove a tick from yourself or your pet and would like to have it identified, place the tick in a small vial of alcohol inside a crushproof container.  Click here University of Maine Orono's Tick Identification External site disclaimer to get information about the procedures for identifying ticks.

We also have a poster and Tick Identification Wallet Cards available:

  • Deer Tick Habitat Caution Sign (PDF*):  Illustrated poster with tick identification and tickbite prevention information to be posted in areas known to be deer tick habitat.  Jointly produced by DHHS Bureau of Health and Maine Medical Center Research Institute.

  • Tick Identification Wallet Card (PDF*):  This is the current version of the PDF used to make wallet cards.