Lyme Disease Awareness Month Activities

In-person Lyme Disease Awareness Month activities are currently on hold due to the COVID-19 situation in Maine. See Maine CDC's Facebook and Twitter profiles for more information on Lyme disease and other tickborne diseases throughout the month of May.

Do you have children ages 5 to 14 years old? Maine CDC developed tick curricula including videos and activities for children to help them learn more about ticks, the diseases they can spread, and prevention.

Lyme Disease Awareness Month Poster Contest 2021

The theme for the 12th annual Lyme Disease Awareness Month poster contest is: Stop. Check. Prevent.

Posters should illustrate at least one of the four personal prevention techniques:

  1. Use of EPA approved repellent
  2. Wear protective clothing
  3. Perform daily tick checks
  4. Use caution in tick infested areas

For more information about tick prevention, please visit Tick Prevention and Property Management.

Below are the 2020 "Tick Tock" poster contest winners:

Grade 2-3 winner
Brady Reilly
2nd grade
Fruit Street School
Brady's poster
Grade 4-5 winner
Mikenna Phillips
5th grade
Spruce Mountain Elementary
Mikenna's poster
Grade 6-8 winner
Mariya Folsom
6th grade
Mt Blue Middle School
Mariya's poster
Honorable Mention Winner
Zoe Grooms
5th grade
Spruce Mountain Elementary
Zoe's poster

Lyme Poster Gallery