Maine CDC Health Advisory

February 1, 2021

Influenza Arrives in Maine

Maine CDC's Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory (HETL) recently confirmed the first case of influenza B by PCR in Maine this season. Although multiple Maine health care facilities have reported influenza-positive antigen results in recent weeks, this is the first PCR-confirmed case. The individual is an adult who was not hospitalized, was unvaccinated, and had no recent travel history.

It is not too late to vaccinate patients against influenza. Influenza vaccination can flatten the curve of influenza illnesses, and it also can help save medical resources for care of patients with COVID-19. Though influenza activity is currently lower than usual for this time of year, it may increase in the coming months. The 2020-2021 quadrivalent influenza vaccine contains components of both A subtypes (H1 and H3) as well as two B lineages (Yamagata and Victoria).

Advisory (PDF)