Heat-related Illness

Here in Maine, we don't have very hot weather too often. So when it does get really hot, we are more likely to become sick from heat. This is because our bodies are not used to high heat, and many of our homes and buildings do not have air conditioning.

Certain people like older adults, infants, pregnant women, and people who have chronic diseases or who are sick already may feel much worse or have serious problems in extreme heat.

Heat-related illnesses happen when your body cannot cool itself. Some heat illnesses are mild, like heat rash, sunburn, and heat cramps. Others like heat exhaustion, dehydration, and heat stroke can be severe or even life-threatening.

Use these links to keep cool and healthy when the weather heats up.

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Keep Cool, Drink Fluids, Lie Low

Steps for everyone to take when it is really hot.
man holding his head in hot sun

Recognize Heat Illness

What should you do if you think you or someone else is becoming sick because of heat?
older woman and infant

Who should worry about heat illness?

Find out how to prevent heat illness among older adults, infants, workers, students, people with mental illness.
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Prepare & Prevent

Getting ready for hot weather: information for individuals and families
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Find information and links about weather, air quality, heat-related illness, and more