Learn how to test your well water.

Even if your water looks and tastes fine, it may still contain harmful chemicals such as arsenic.

Arsenic is naturally found in lots of Maine wells. It is especially harmful for little kids and babies.

The only way to know if your water is safe is to test it. The test takes about ten minutes to do. Watch a video on how to test your water. External site disclaimer

How do I test my well?

  1. Fill out this form and receive a list of certified well water testing labs.
  2. Call your lab and order a test kit.
  3. Fill the bottles from your test kit with tap water, and fill out the forms included with the kit.
  4. Mail the kit and forms back to the lab or drop them off in person.

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*We can only give information about well water testing to Maine residents.

How did you hear about testing your well water? (Check all that apply.)

From a brochure that came in the mail

This information will be used to help protect you and others from exposure to well water contaminants, and only that purpose. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 1-866-292-3474 (toll-free in Maine) or email us at ehu@maine.gov.