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About the DWSRF

The Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) is a State-operated program that provides financial assistance to Maine public water systems, helping to ensure safe drinking water and provide essential public health protection. Funding for drinking water infrastructure improvement projects – upgrading or replacing water system pipes, treatment plants, storage tanks, and sources of water – is available as low interest loans. Disadvantaged Community Water Systems may receive further assistance through principal forgiveness.

Federal allocations for the fund were included in the 1996 amendments to the SDWA, while states match 20% of Federal grant dollars. This means that every dollar invested by the State of Maine secures five Federal dollars.

A portion of the DWSRF is used to fund non-construction projects that help improve and protect drinking water quality in Maine. These programs provide funds for source water protection, technical assistance, system capacity development assistance, and land acquisition.

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services and the Maine Municipal Bond Bank (MMBB) administer the DWSRF together. The Drinking Water Program is the Lead Administrator and is responsible for project management and technical support, as well as overseeing activities. The MMBB is the Financial Administrator and oversees the loan application process and tracks money to and from the fund.

A portion of the federal grant is set aside each year from the revolving project loan fund and used for non-project activities. Those activities include source water protection programs, technical assistance to small systems, a revolving loan fund for land acquisitions, system planning grants and wellhead protection grants./p>

If you have questions about Maine's DWSRF Program, please contact William Dawson at (207) 287-6196.


DWSRF Project Information by Year





Funding Sources and Distribution

The 2022 DWSRF will distribute funds from several Federal Grants which will be added to the Base DWSRF Capitalization Grant. The Maine DWSRF 2022 Draft Primary and Backup Lists are funded by the following sources:

2022 DWSRF Capitalization Grant (estimate) $7,100,000
2022 DWSRF Supplemental Capitalization Grant
added by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL)
2022 DWSRF State Match (estimate) $3,215,500
American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) funds $8,000,000
DWSRF Loan Repayment Funds $20,503,000
2022 DWSRF Emerging Contaminant (EC) Capitalization
Grant added by BIL

The Maine Drinking Water Program has an approved method for equitably distributing these funds. Our process includes the determination of the distribution of subsidies (grants). We are using the following process:

  1. Receive and Rank Applications
  2. Determine which projects serve “Disadvantaged Communities”
  3. Determine target amounts of subsidies to be distributed.
    1. Base Capitalization Grant 30% Approximately
    2. Supplemental Capitalization Grant 49% Exactly
    3. ARPA 100% Exactly
    4. EC Capitalization Grant 100% Exactly (25% to populations < 25,000)
  4. Distribute Capitalization Grant Subsidies to PWS Projects including Disadvantaged Communities using the multi-tiered criteria based on Median Household Income (MHI) & annual water bill as a percentage of MHI.
    Projects on the Backup List to progress design and other preconstruction tasks 0-6%
    PWS which serve Non Disadvantaged Communities 10%
    MHI < $58,924 or Ave. Annual Water Bill/MHI =/> 0.8% 20%
    MHI < $58,924 + Average Annual Water Bill / MHI > 0.8, < 1.3 30%
    MHI < $58,924 + Average Annual Water Bill / MHI > 1.3, < 2.0 45%
    MHI < $58,924 + Average Annual Water Bill / MHI > 2.0 60%















Forms and Other Documents


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Updated 5/30/2023