Cross-country Skiing and Snowshoeing Trails and Tips

Maine is a winter wonderland and our Parks and Public Lands offer ample opportunities to ski and snowshoe. If you are new to either activity, check our year-at-glance event calendar for the arrival of the Ski and Snowshoe Trailer at a Park near you and get free use of the gear with your park admission. And join us on our Winter Family Fun Days!

Suggested Locations

Cross-country Skiing and Snowshoeing
Trail conditions are posted below for our three reporting parks. Call for the park directly for the latest trail conditions and availability of winter camping.

Beach Walking sand beaches Winter is a great time to beach walk in the intertidal area.
Check the tides before you go.

Additional Trail Resources:

Trail Tips:

  • First Aid basic supplies include band aids, moleskin, 4x4 pads and first aid tape. Check with your local American Red Cross for first aid kit tips and classes.
  • Carry plenty of water, sun screen and a snack. Dress in layers for warmth plus protection from wind & water.