Snowmobile Municipal Grant

What is a Snowmobile Municipal Grant?

It is a grant available to municipalities or counties for sharing the cost of the construction and maintenance of snowmobile trails. It differs from a club grant in that an application must be submitted by the town, city or county and requires local money.

Deadline Reminder:

December 1..............Submit grant application

April 30.....................Submit final request for reimbursement

*Please note the landowner permission list needs to be included with the application

Related Forms and Information:

Some of the forms below are downloadable PDF documents. You will need the free Acrobat Reader to view them. If you have difficulty accessing PDF forms call the Snowmobile Program at (207) 287-4957.

How can a municipality or county apply for this grant?

Request the necessary forms from the Snowmobile Program, Off-road Recreational Vehicle Office, or download them from this site (see right column of this webpage); complete them as required; have them signed by the appropriate municipal official; and forward them to the above agency. Due to a lack of funds we are currently not accepting any new Municipal projects that aren't already participating in the program.

Is there a deadline for filing an application?

Yes, for normal fall and winter maintenance, December 1. It is in the best interest of everyone to submit applications as soon after July 1 as possible, because funding is not guaranteed and knowing your funding level is important prior to starting work.

How long must a municipality or county participate in this program?

A one-year commitment is required. There is no specific long range commitment, but it is hoped that continued participation would be a part of the initial planning process. In the event that a project called for a considerable development expenditure, the continued operation of the project would be a factor in considering approval.

How may anticipated expenses be determined when preparing an application?

If the trails have been maintained review club records; check with an adjacent community that is participating in the program; or request assistance from the Snowmobile Program. After the initial year of participation, the records kept will assist in the preparation of a budget.

Does the town or county have to actually do the work once the project is approved?

No. The town can contract with an individual and/or a snowmobile club to do the work for them. The appointment of a project director helps reduce direct involvement by town officials.

Is it necessary for a municipal or county official to be the agent for the Snowmobile Program to contract?

No. The municipality can appoint a person to be the project director. Often this person is a representative of the local club.

What assistance is available to guide a municipality in making an application?

Assistance may be obtained from the Snowmobile Program at the following address: DACF, Bureau of Parks and Lands, Off Road Recreational Vehicle Office, 22 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333, Tel. No. 287-4957. If it is deemed necessary, a meeting can be arranged to discuss the program in detail.

How much of the project cost does the State provide through the Municipal Grant Program?

If the approved project is entirely within the boundaries of the applying county, town or city, the State may provide up to 50% matching funds. If two (2) or more towns or county governments jointly submit one application, or if either body administers trails outside their boundaries, providing they are of regional or statewide significance, the State may provide up to 70% depending on available funds.

Are there restrictions on how the local share of the project is obtained?

No. The local share of the project cost is the portion that must be raised locally; however, the method by which it is raised is solely up to the local municipality.

What type of expenses are eligible for reimbursement under this grant?

Labor; materials used for bridges; equipment rental; repairs & operational costs of the equipment (if they are not considered in the hourly rental fee); insurance for grooming equipment if not in the hourly fee and trail liability; signing (we provide trail signs); brushing; or reasonable contract costs (see allowable grant expense sheets), if the work is contracted. Existing trail maintenance is a priority over new trail or adding trail.

May capital equipment such as groomers and drags be purchased through this grant?

Capital Equipment Grants are available through a separate application process; please review the program information for Capital Equipment.

Once a project is approved, does the sponsor receive a check for that amount?

No. This is a reimbursement program and money must be spent before State money is received.

What is the procedure to follow when requesting reimbursement of expended funds?

A reimbursement request must be submitted on the appropriate form, with expenditures supported by maintenance and grooming worksheets and receipts. Requests can be made monthly or at the end of the season, whichever satisfies the needs of the municipality. We suggest that the submission be made at least a couple of times during the season. In any event, all submissions must be postmarked on or before April 30.

Is it possible for a municipality to receive any money if the reimbursement request is submitted after the deadline?

Yes. However, for each day the request is late, 10% of the approved amount or 10% of the actual expenses, whichever is the least amount, is deducted. At the end of that 10 day period, no money will be received.

May a snowmobile club apply for this grant?

No. A club must work through their municipal or county officials, who must submit the application.

Do the trails have to meet certain guidelines to qualify for the project?

There are recommended guidelines contained in the material accompanying the application. Each project is considered on an individual basis and exceptions are made if circumstances warrant, providing they do not detract from the safety and enjoyment of the trail user.

What type of trails qualify for this grant?

At the present time, all trails that reasonably meet the desired specifications qualify. We encourage that only trails that are of regional or statewide significance - main artery trails that enable a person to travel from town to town or to major points of interest - be submitted.

Is it necessary to submit a map of the trails when applying for this grant?

Yes. A topographical map or map of equal quality is required. When possible if your trails are GPS mapped, sending the actual GPS file, (not just the map and map file) is helpful. For questions regarding GPS mapping your trails, call the Snowmobile Coordinator at (207) 287-4959.

Do landowners have to give permission for trails over their land?

Yes. If the request for financial assistance is only for winter grooming, the municipality must submit a list of landowners certifying that permission has been obtained. If funding is being requested for the development of a trail or use of heavy equipment, written permission from the landowner is required. A list of landowners is required as part of the municipal grant application.

What method is used by the State to ensure that the work is performed according to the project description?

There are periodic field inspections performed by a representative of the Snowmobile Program and consultation with the Project Director.

Do the towns or counties that participate year after year receive the application automatically?

Yes. It will be sent to the Project Director listed on file with our office from the prior year.