Maine offers world class beaches, lakes and waterways. Whether you are looking for a quick dip or a lengthy swim we offer many beautiful locations.

Swimming locations at Maine's Parks and Public Lands

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Stay Safe

Stay Informed with Safety Updates.

Surf Beaches

  • Flotation devices are not allowed while swimming so you do not get pulled out to sea on a strong current. Face-masks and snorkels are also prohibited due to risk of being swamped by unpredictable waves.
  • Scuba diving is allowed by permit only; call the park in advance.

Life Guards

  • During the summer lifeguards are present at our most popular locations. Swimming is restricted to within established swim lines where present. Please monitor yourself and those swimming with you for tiredness, coldness, and that all are staying within their abilities. You are ultimately responsible for your safety.

Weather & Tides

Water Safety Tips American Red Cross.