Maine Snowmobile Program

March 24, 2020 Update

Everyone is aware of COVID-19 and its impact in Maine and across the country. Schools, town offices, restaurants, and other businesses have closed, and the need for physical distancing is immediate and real. We all need to do our parts and take every precaution to prevent our neighbors and friends from spreading this virus

The Maine Snowmobile Association recently recommended that clubs stop grooming, as people (including many from out of state) were gathering at hotels, gas stations, and local grocery stores – in some cases exceeding the capacity of these businesses to manage visitors. New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec have already closed their snowmobile trails and are not allowing snowmobiles to cross the border. Many clubs have reached a point of serious concern for their residents, and most clubs are shutting down trails.

As much as we all love to snowmobile and appreciate everyone coming to Maine and enjoying our beautiful state, we urge everyone to take steps to stop the spread of COVID-19. The best way to stop the spread is to stay at home. If a person wants to get out and enjoy the outdoors, they may do so, and everyone should be sure to check the latest guidance from Maine CDC. If you are looking to go for a ride, please check with the local club, as many landowners have already closed their land for the remainder of the season.

The Maine Snowmobile Program appreciates all the volunteer hours of trail work and grooming, and we appreciate the landowners for their generosity. Thank you to everyone that has traveled here to ride.  Let’s all stay healthy and look forward to next year’s snowmobile season.  

Joe Higgins
Supervisor Off-Road Vehicle Snowmobile Program
Bureau of Parks and Public Lands

What we do:

  • Establish and manage trail systems:
    • Over 14,000 miles of interconnected trails statewide
    • More than 310 miles of multi-use rail trails
  • Serve as a liaison to snowmobile clubs, municipalities, and private landowners
  • Provide trail map information
  • Provide grants to clubs and municipalities
  • Provide trail signs and signage guidelines
  • Trail grooming guidelines and training

Most of the thousands of miles of snowmobile trails located throughout Maine are on private land and are maintained by local clubs. Cooperative agreements between private landowners, Snowmobile clubs, and the Bureau's Snowmobile Program are key to the success of the trail system.

It is important to note that without the use of private land, most trails wouldn't exist and your ability to ride is a privilege that is granted to you by the landowner. Please respect their wishes and their land as if it were your own.

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