Instructions for email Submission of Applications

Permit-by-Rule and Maine Construction General Permit

The Department is now requiring the submission of Natural Resource Protection Act (NRPA) and Stormwater permit-by-rule (PBR) notifications by email. The Department also requires email submission of Maine Construction General Permit (MCGP) Notice of Intent (NOI) forms.

These instructions are for filing PBR notifications and MCGP NOIs electronically. Separate instructions are available for email submission of individual permit applications.

How to File PBR Notification and MCGP NOIs by Email

  • Email address. Submit NRPA, Stormwater, or MCGP notification form and additional required materials to
    • There is a 20MB size limit for attachments. If your complete submission package exceeds this size, break your application into multiple emails and be sure to identify the multiple parts in the email subject line as specified below.
    • For a project requiring an individual permit, in addition to a PBR or MCGP, the individual permit application should be submitted separately. Be sure to check the box on the PBR or MCGP form indicating the covered activity is part of a larger project.
    • For a project involving both a PBR and MCGP NOI, please submit each by separate email in accordance with these instructions.
  • Email subject line. Use the following format in the subject line of the email:
    • [DEP office serving your area] – [Municipality where project is located] – [Applicant Name] – [NRPA PBR/Stormwater PBR/MCGP NOI] – [part 1 of X (if multiple emails will be sent for a single PBR)]
    • For example: Portland – Saco – Smith, John – NRPA PBR – part 1 of 2

Submission of PBR and MCGP Fee

Payment Option. You may pay by credit card or check. See the fee schedule.

  • Credit Card. Payment of the application fee is accepted by credit card through the Department’s payment portal. The required fee is contained in the Department’s fee schedule. Pay the fee prior to filing and include confirmation of credit card payment with email submission of your PBR or NOI. If you are unable to pay by credit card, please contact the Department at to arrange an alternative form of payment
  • When May Work Begin?

    • 14 Days. The PBR and coverage under the MCGP become effective 14 days from the date the Department receives the full submission (email notification and fee), unless otherwise notified by the Department.
      • Submissions after 5:00 pm or on a weekend/holiday will deemed received the next business day.
      • You may assume the Department received a check sent by mail three days after the date it was mailed.
      • Work may begin work once the PBR or coverage under the MDGP is effective, unless an additional DEP permit is required.