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GIS Maps and Other data

Interactive maps and other DEP data files - ArcGIS Online, Google Earth, and other folrmats.

General information about Geographic Information System (GIS) at DEP.

Data and Online Services

Environmental Trends

Air Monitoring Data including:

Document Management System - search and view finalized scanned documents including:

Environmental and Geographic Analysis Database (EGAD) - EGAD (formerly known as the Environmental and Groundwater Analysis Database) is an electronic repository for a wide variety of environmental data. It includes soil, sediment, air and water quality data, as well as spatial data from potential and actual sources of contamination to Maine’s groundwater. It also contains biological and surface water sampling site types, which enables DEP staff to more readily assess the water quality of Maine’s lakes, streams and rivers, and to determine the Class status and non-attainment status of various waterbodies.

Hazardous & Oil Spill System Online Report Service - Access basic oil and hazardous materials spill data contained in the department's main spill reporting database. Note: use the Oil and hazardous materials spill reports search for more detailed information that may not be included in the database search.

TankSmart - The Oil Storage Tank Search & Operator Training Online Service - Tank Registration information now includes the date of the last Annual Inspection.

Other Resources

File Room, Reports and Lists Generated from Databases - Remediation and Waste Management, file room search, spill reports, transporter reports, tanks reports, lists, uncontrolled sites list, downloadable tables from Tanks and HOSS databases.

Quality Management System (QMS) - The quality management system assures that the environmental data used to make decisions are accurate and reliable.