Waste Management Monitoring and Reporting

  • Environmental and Geographic Analysis Database (EGAD) - EGAD (formerly known as the Environmental and Groundwater Analysis Database) is an electronic repository for a wide variety of environmental data. It includes soil, sediment, air and water quality data, as well as spatial data from potential and actual sources of contamination to Maine’s groundwater. It also contains biological and surface water sampling site types, which enables DEP staff to more readily assess the water quality of Maine’s lakes, streams and rivers, and to determine the Class status and non-attainment status of various waterbodies.
  • Hazardous and Universal Waste
    • EPA Notification Form - To obtain an EPA ID Number for Hazardous and Universal Waste activities. (Links to EPA site for “Notification of Regulated Waste Activity Instructions and Form Booklet” (contains EPA Form 8700-12 RCRA Subtitle C Site Identification Form).  Please complete the Form 8700-12 and submit to the Maine DEP, Hazardous Waste Program for processing. If you have questions, please contact Hazardous Waste Program staff at 207-287-7688.
  • Underground Oil Storage Tank Annual Inspections (pdf format) - Operating, maintaining and inspecting underground oil storage tank facilities
  • Waste Oil Reports - Fees for transportation and storage of waste oil are due on a quarterly basis from licensed waste oil transporters. A copy of the blank forms are available at this link.

For additional information and assistance with Maine DEP Waste Management Monitoring and Reporting, please call (207) 287-7688