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The Maine Department of the Secretary of State, Bureau of Corporations, Elections and Commissions maintains online copies of agency rule chapters.

The electronic version maintained by the Department of the Secretary of State and are in MS Word format unless otherwise noted. Rule chapters downloaded from the site should not be considered "official" state rules for use before a court. Contact the Secretary of State's Administrative Proccedure Act Office for certified copies of rule chapters.

For general questions regarding Department Rulemaking please contact Mark Margerum (207) 287-7842. For specific questions regarding Rules applicability please contact program staff.

Ch. 400, Solid Waste Management Rules: General Provisions
Ch. 401, Solid Waste Management Rules: Landfill Siting, Design and Operation
Ch. 402, Solid Waste Management Rules: Transfer Stations and Storage Sites for Solid Waste
Ch. 403, Solid Waste Management Rules: Incineration Facilities
Ch. 405, Solid Waste Management Rules: Water Quality Monitoring, Leachate Monitoring, and Waste Characterization
Ch. 600, Oil Discharge Prevention and Pollution Control Rules for Marine Oil Terminal Facilities, Transportation Pipelines and Vessels
Ch. 680, Tanker Anchorage Rules
Ch. 685, Payment and Reimbursement of Oil Transfer Fees
Ch. 686, Standards for Assessing Ability to Pay Deductibles under the State Insurance Program for Oil Storage Tanks
Ch. 691, Rules for Underground Oil Storage Facilities
Ch. 692, Siting of Oil Storage Facilities
Ch. 693, Operator Training for Underground Oil, Hazardous Substance, and Field Constructed Underground Oil Storage Facilities, and Airport Hydrant Systems
Ch. 695, Registration / Installation / Operation and Closure of Underground Hazard Substance Storage Facility
Ch. 696, Oil Discharge and Pollution Control Rules for Rail Tank Cars
Ch. 700, Wellhead Protection: Siting of Facilities that Pose a Significant Threat to Drinking Water
Ch. 801, Discharge of Hazardous Matter: Removal and Written Reporting Procedures
Ch. 850, Identification of Hazardous Wastes
Ch. 851, Standards for Generators of Hazardous Waste
Ch. 853, Licensing of Transporters of Hazardous Waste
Ch. 854, Standards for Hazardous Waste Facilities
Ch. 856, Licensing of Hazardous Waste Facilities
Ch. 857, Hazardous Waste Manifest Requirements
Ch. 858, Universal Waste Rules
Ch. 860, Waste Oil Management Rules
Ch. 900, Biomedical Waste Management Rules