Water Permits, Licenses, Certifications

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Hydropower & Dams - The Maine Waterway Development and Conservation Act (MWDCA) requires that a permit be issued for the construction, reconstruction, or structural alteration (including maintenance and repair) of new or existing hydropower projects. The Federal Clean Water Act requires that the States certify that the construction or operation of hydropower projects subject to federal licensing meets State water quality standards.

Tax Exemption Certification - Tax exemptions for certain water pollution control equipment.

Wastewater Operator Certification - Operators of publicly owned and industrial wastewater treatment plants must be certified by the Department. Treatment plants are classified Grades I-V according to population equivalents and type of treatment. Certification for each operator Grade I-V is based on education and experience.

Water Quality Certification - An applicant for a federal license or permit to conduct an activity that may result in a discharge to a navigable water of the United States must supply the federal licensing authority with a certification from the State that any such discharge will comply with State water quality standards. The federal license or permit may not be issued until water quality certification has been issued or waived. DEP may add conditions to the certification, and these must become conditions of the federal license.

Waste Discharge - The wastewater discharge law requires that a license be obtained for the discharge of pollutants to a stream, river, wetland, or lake of the state, or to the ocean. Typical discharges include sanitary waste water and process water from industrial or commercial activities.  A license is also required for the discharge of pollutants to groundwater, except for subsurface disposal systems installed under the State Plumbing Code.

  • General Permits
    • Antifouling Paint
    • Application of Herbicides, Piscicides
    • Aquatic Pesticides
    • Discharge of Pesticides
    • Net Pen Aquaculture
    • Construction Activity
    • Post Construction Discharge of Stormwater in the Long Creek Watershed
    • Multisector Stormwater (MSGP)
    • Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer System (MS4)
    • Waste Snow Discharge
  • Municipal/Industrial Municipal discharges include the discharge of waste water from municipal or quasi-municipal public sewer systems. Industrial discharges include the discharge of process water water, cooling water and other contaminated waters from industrial or commercial sources.
  • Overboard Discharges The Maine DEP's Overboard Discharge (OBD) Program is responsible for regulating discharges of sanitary and household wastewater generated at residential or commercial locations to streams, rivers, bays, and the ocean
  • Sand/Salt The The Maine DEP's Sand and Salt Pile Program is responsible for mitigating the effects on ground and drinking water from piles of uncovered salt and mixed sand/salt.
  • Subsurface Waste Discharge The Maine DEP is responsible for licensing or otherwise regulating the subsurface disposal of non-domestic wastewater in Maine.  The subsurface wastewater discharge program is a combination of activities related to ground water protection.