Water Rules

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The Maine Department of the Secretary of State, Bureau of Corporations, Elections and Commissions maintains online copies of agency rule chapters.

The electronic version maintained by the Department of the Secretary of State and are in MS Word format unless otherwise noted. Rule chapters downloaded from the site should not be considered "official" state rules for use before a court. Contact the Secretary of State's Administrative Proccedure Act Office for certified copies of rule chapters.

For general questions regarding Department Rulemaking please contact Mark Margerum (207) 287-7842. For specific questions regarding Rules applicability please contact program staff.

Ch. 263, Maine Comprehensive and Limited Environmental Laboratory Certification Rules (jointly with 10-144)
Ch. 310, Wetlands and Waterbodies Protection
Ch. 342, Significant Groundwater Wells
Ch. 502, Direct Watersheds of Lakes Most at Risk from New Development, and Urban Impaired Streams
Ch. 514, Use of Aquatic Pesticides
Ch. 517, Certification of Persons Servicing and Repairing Sanitary Waste Treatment Facility
Ch. 519, Interim Effluent Limitations and Controls for the Discharge of Mercury
Ch. 520, Definitions for the Waste Discharge Permitting Program
Ch. 521, Applications for Waste Discharge Licenses
Ch. 522, Application Processing Procedures for Waste Discharge Licenses
Ch. 523, Waste Discharge License Conditions
Ch. 524, Criteria and Standards for Waste Discharge Licenses
Ch. 525, Effluent Guidelines and Standards
Ch. 526, Cooling Water Intake Structures
Ch. 528, Pretreatment Program
Ch. 529, General Permits for Certain Wastewater Discharges
Ch. 530, Surface Waters Toxics Control Program
Ch. 531, Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certification
Ch. 532, Large Commercial Passenger Vessels
Ch. 534, Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certifications - Revocation or Suspension
Ch. 543, Rules to Control the Subsurface Discharge of Pollutants
Ch. 550, Discontinuance of Wastewater Treatment Lagoons
Ch. 555, Standards for the Addition of Transported Wastes to Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Ch. 570, Combined Sewer Overflow Abatement
Ch. 573, Snow Dumps: Best Management Practices for Pollution Prevention
Ch. 574, Siting and Operation of Road Salt and Sand-Salt Storage Areas
Ch. 579, Classification Attainment Evaluation Using Biological Criteria for Rivers and Streams
Ch. 580, Regulations Relating to Sampling Procedures and Analytic Procedures
Ch. 581, Regulations Relating to Water Quality Evaluations
Ch. 582, Regulations Relating to Temperature
Ch. 584, Surface Water Quality Criteria for Toxic Pollutants
Ch. 585, Identification of Fish Spawning Areas and Designation Salmonid Spawning Areas
Ch. 586, Rules Pertaining to Discharges to Class A Waters
Ch. 587, In-stream Flows and Lake and Pond Water Levels
Ch. 592, The Small Community Wastewater Program
Ch. 594, State Contribution to Overboard Discharge Replacement
Ch. 595, State Revolving Fund
Ch. 596, Overboard Discharges: Licensing and Abandonment