Permits, Licenses, Certifications

Maine DEP can accept online credit card payments through a Credit Card Payment Portal. Please note: The portal can only accept credit card payments of $1,000 or less; however, there is no limit on payments by electronic check. Also, the servicer of the portal charges a $2 transaction fee. See the Payment Portal for more details.

Fees, timelines and other information

Fee schedule Licensing Fee Schedule.
Processing schedule Processing Time Schedule for New Applications.

Permits, licenses, approvals, professional and tax exemption certifications issued by DEP. Staff contact information is listed on the licensing program pages below. Forms are also available on the various licensing program and other pages.

Activity licenses

Air Emissions (207) 287-7688

Land (207) 287-7688

Waste Management (207) 287-7688

Water (207) 287-7688

Multi-bureau Global License Transfers (207) 287-2811



Laws & Rules

The following are general links to Maine's statutes, and the department's rules. Web pages for a particular program provide links to the specific statutes and rules for that program as well as staff contacts for more information.

Maine Statutes (off-site) are maintained by the Maine Legislature. After a legislative session ends, it takes some time for new amendments to be proofed and the online version updated, so the site may not always contain the most recent changes. Most Statutes relating to DEP can be found in Title 38.

DEP and other State Agency rules (off-site) currently in effect are maintained by the Maine Secretary of State's Office. The site may not include recent changes. For rules that have been formally proposed and are in the rulemaking process, please check DEP's Rulemaking Page, and speak to the staff contact.

  • Rulemaking. The Department offers an electronic notification service for all DEP rulemaking, opportunity for comment, and other topics of interest. Click to subscribe.