Sabattus River

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Municipal discharges include the discharge of waste water from municipal or quasi-municipal public sewer systems. Industrial discharges include the discharge of process water water, cooling water and other contaminated waters from industrial or commercial sources.


Licensing - Augusta: Gregg Wood 287-7693.

Compliance - Augusta: Jim Crowley 287-8898. Bangor: Clarissa Trasko 941-4572. Portland: Stuart Rose 822-6300. Presque Isle: Bill Sheehan 760-3136.


E-mail or call 287-7688 to order a publication or form.

If using a form is msword, please note that altered forms will not be accepted. Extending the length of a form so that more information may be included is not considered an alteration.


EPA forms that may also be used are below. See: EPA Permit Forms & Attachments

Reporting forms

Addiitonal information about the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination system Permit Program may be found on EPA's website.