General Permits

A "general permit" covers multiple individual discharge sources and locations that have the same type of discharges and involve situations where the Department determines there is a relatively low risk for significant environmental impact. General permits may be issued for different specific categories of discharge activities.

Antifouling Paint Contaminated Wash Water. Effective July 22, 2020. Contact: Pam Parker (207) 485-3038.

Application of Herbicides, Piscicides. Contact: Gregg Wood (207) 287-7693.

  • Herbicides for the Control of Invasive Aquatic Plants. Effective June 3, 2019
  • Piscicides for the Control of Invasive Fishes. Effective June 18, 2020

Aquatic Pesticides for the Control of Mosquito-borne Diseases. Effective July 17, 2015. Contact: Gregg Wood (207) 287-7693.

Discharge of Pesticides (Incidental and Unintended Discharges of Pesticides to Surface Waters). Effective March 2, 2015. Contact: Gregg Wood (207) 287-7693.

Net Pen Aquaculture. Effective April 10, 2014. Contact for permitting: Gregg Wood (207) 287-7693. Contact for compliance: Kayleigh Burda (207) 592-6028.

Post Construction Discharge of Stormwater in the Long Creek Watershed. Effective April 21, 2015. Contact: Alison Moody (207) 615-8936.

Maine Construction General Permit (MCGP). Effective July 21, 2006. Contact Bureau of Land Resources on-call staff (207) 287-7688.

Multi-Sector Stormwater (MSGP) for Stormwater Discharge Associated with Industrial Activity. Effective December 7, 2016. Contact: vacant

Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer System (MS4). Effective July 1, 2013. Contact: Holliday Keen (207) 242-4649.

Waste Snow Discharge. Effective August 12, 2019. Contact: Laura Crossley (207) 615-6711

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