Discharge of Pesticides


The Department has developed a general permit for the discharge of pesticides to surface waters of the State. Pursuant to Maine law 38 MRSA, §464, sub-§4A, this permit authorizes the incidental and unintended discharge of pesticides to surface waters of the State associated with pest control activities provided the pesticide(s) are applied in compliance with federal labeling restrictions and applied in compliance with State statute, BPC rules and BMPs. This GP applies to Class GPA, AA, A, B, C, SA, SB, SC surface Waters of the State, tributaries to Class GPA waters, and those waters having a drainage area of less than 10 square miles. This permit covers any Operator who meets the eligibility requirements identified in Part II §1.1 and if so required, has submitted a NOI in accordance with Part II §1.2.

Contact (licensing)

  • Gregg Wood (207) 287-7693, or call 287-7688 and ask to speak to someone in the "Waste Discharge Program".