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Files available for review in File Room
Remediation Sites - Division of Remediation Sites Descriptions and database.
Solid Waste Facilities Lists and Reports - Compost Facilities, Landfills and Licensed Transfer Stations.
Transporters Reports - Active Non-Hazardous, Biomedical, Hazardous Waste and Waste Oil Transporters.
Tanks Reports - Non-conforming, Installation date and material, Registered Underground and Active and Out of Service.
Tables from Databases - Tanks and Hazardous & Oil Spill System (HOSS).

Files Available for Review Cover the Following Topics:

Asbestos Abatement, Generators, Hazardous & Non Hazardous Waste Manifests, Hazardous & Non Hazardous Waste Transporters, Insurance Fund Coverage Claims, Oil Remediation & Resolution, Oil Terminal Facilities, Sludge & Residuals Facilities, Solid Waste Facilities (Licensed & Closed), Spill Files, Treatment Storage Disposal (TSD) Facilities, Uncontrolled Sites, Underground Storage Tanks, Waste Oil Facilities, and Wastewater Treatment/Sludge. Only reports which are final reports (FR) may be viewed from the file room.

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Document Management System

Some files, once only reviewable in the file room, are now available online. The FortisPortal includes complete scanned images of:

Selecting one of the above links will take you to a query page. Under Query Value, enter the criteria you are searching for (such as spill number, manifest number, town, facility, etc.) and click the Run Query button.
Search tips:
1) you can enter a Query Value in more than one search field
2) the asterisk (*) can be used as a wild card to expand your search.

Please note that not all files have been scanned so if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact the file room at (207) 287-7843 for assistance.

Spill Reports Master List includes the report status (pdf format) (large file size)

Spill Report Code Sheet - Spill Report Status Code Descriptions

Remediation Sites:

Division of Remediation Sites List - This list represents the public record of past and current sites located in Maine that are in the Voluntary Response Action Program, the Brownfields Program, the Landfill Closure Program, the Federal Facilities Program, the Superfund Program, and/or the Uncontrolled Sites Program. Sites are listed alphabetically by the municipality they are located in, and the database includes information regarding location, status, and if the property has institutional controls.

View Remediation Sites and other information in Google Earth.

Solid Waste Facilities Lists and Reports:

Active Compost Facilities

Biosolids Composting Facilities (pdf format)

Fish or Food Waste Composting Facilities (pdf format)

Yard Waste Composting Facilities (pdf format)

Active Landfills (pdf Format)

Active and Licensed Transfer Stations (pdf format)

Active Processors (pdf format)

Transporters Reports:

Active Non-Hazardous Transporters (pdf format)

Active Biomedical Transporters (pdf format)

Active Hazardous Waste and Waste Oil Transporters (pdf format)
Transporter license key:
H (hazardous waste license), HW (hazardous waste and waste oil license or combination license), W (waste oil only)

Tanks Reports:

TankSmart - The Oil Storage Tank Search & Operator Training Online Service - Tank Registration information now includes the date of the last Annual Inspection.

Non Conforming Tank Report (pdf format)

Tank Installation Date & Material (pdf format) Tank information including tank install date, tank size and tank material

Registered Underground Tanks (pdf format)

Active and Out of Service Registered Underground Storage Tanks (pdf format) Including Tanks That Have Not Been Properly Abandoned

Downloadable Tables from Tanks and HOSS Databases

Information from the TANKS and HOSS databases is in the form of tables. The tables need to be downloaded to a user's database to be useful. Users should be familiar with relational databases. Be sure to look at the "Read Me" files associated with the tables before utilizing the data.

Link to the HOSS database tables (Updated Monthly)
Codes for HOSS database tables (pdf format) This file has extra benefit as it provides definitions for many of the code values as well.

Here is a link to the TANKS database as a flat table. This text file includes Owner, Operator, Site, Tank and Chamber information - updated monthly on the first week of the month. Lat/Long data has been included for all tanks that DEP has location data. (24 MB)