Local Podcast, Dark Downeast, Features cold cases in Maine

Are you curious about how cold cases are investigated in Maine?  Do you want to know how you can help? Please, take a listen to these two episodes of Dark Downeast as well as other episodes that highlight our cold cases!  

Recently, members of the Unsolved Homicide Unit, including a Prosecutor, Investigators, Forensic Chemist, and Victim Witness Advocate sat down with Kylie Low from the Dark Downeast Podcast (A Podcast that has highlighted several of our unsolved cases).  They spoke about their approach to Maine’s unsolved murders and missing persons believed to be murdered.  You can listen here.

Investigators also spoke with Kylie about how they were able to solve the 1985 murder of Dorothea Burke in Stockton Springs, highlighting how critical it is for people with information to come forward. You can listen here.
•    Recently resolved cases have had a common theme. People provided information  crucial to filing charges
•    We are interested in first-hand information (what you saw, what you heard)
•    Do not assume that investigators know to speak with you
•    Relationships change and now could be the time to reach out to us with what you know

The information you provide could:
•    Lead us in a new direction
•    Corroborate current information in a case file
•    Provide answers for family members and friends who are grieving 

Those who have information on our cold cases, please call (207)624-7143 or visit our website at 
And leave a tip.  We need your help!