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We are always looking for men and women who are up to the task of becoming a Maine State Trooper. If you are interested in pursuing a career as a Maine State Trooper, please look at the links below that contain additional information on being, and becoming, a State Trooper in Maine along with information on pay and benefits. 

If you have any questions about the hiring or recruitment process please contact the Maine State Police Training Unit at 207-830-0665 or

A Career with a future, job satisfaction, and pride.

The Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Maine State Police, is looking for applicants to fill multiple Maine State Trooper vacancies statewide. 

Being a Maine State Trooper is a demanding, challenging, and rewarding way of life. From the day you apply to become a trooper you will have embarked on a great personal journey and challenge. Our selection process and rigorous training academy has set national standards for excellence. The reason is clear . . . only the finest men and women are selected to wear the uniform and badge of the Maine State Trooper.
Troopers begin their career with a salary based on an annual rate of $52,561.60  which progresses through seniority steps to $67,371.20 . Overtime is paid at one and half times the basic hourly rate for time worked beyond an assigned shift. The value of State paid Health insurance is at least 85% of the health insurance premium biweekly and Dental is at no cost to the employee. The value of the State's share of an employee's retirement is 19.13% of salary.

If you've been considering a law enforcement career and are self-reliant, highly motivated, and are self-disciplined and desire to give us your absolute best, then you may be just who we're looking for. Look to your future; apply to become one of Maine's finest law enforcement officers today.

Benefits of a Maine State Trooper

  •     A 25-year retirement system with an employee contribution of only 8.65% (remainder is paid by the State). Troopers retire at 50% of their maximum salary while employees working over 25 years receive an additional 2% of retirement pay for each additional year worked beyond 25 years;
  •     clothing or uniform cleaning allowance of $65 per month;
  •     cell phone allowance of $60.00 per month, paid semi-annually;
  •     night shift differential of either $.45 or $.55 per hour;
  •     weekend differential of $.60 per hour;
  •     college degree incentive that includes an hourly stipend of $0.24 for an Associate degree, $0.36 for a Bachelor degree and $0.48 for a Masters or higher degree;
  •     State paid health and dental benefits;
  •     paid sick leave earned at one day per month;
  •     paid vacation leave starting at one day per month to a maximum of 2 days per month based on seniority;
  •     promotional opportunities based on ability, education and seniority;
  •     each trooper has an opportunity for a wide array of specialized career paths with lateral mobility.

Career Opportunities

Any questions regarding salary and benefits may be directed to the Employment Service Center at (207) 623-6700.


Commanding Officer:
Lt. Jason Madore


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