Maine Criminal Justice Academy
Maine Criminal Justice Academy, 15 Oak Grove, Vassalboro (Photo by Katy England)

State Police conduct training at a number of levels. The Training Unit is comprised of a Lieutenant, a Sergeant, a Corporal and two administrative assistants.  Operating out of the Maine Criminal Justice Academy in Vassalboro, this unit is responsible for advanced training for new and current troopers, mandated and other in-service training, several canine training schools, firearms and other specialty teams in-service training. In addition, the Training Unit oversees the complex application processes and recruitment for new troopers.

The Maine State Police takes great pride in the process of developing, assessing, and improving how future Troopers will acquire their law enforcement education, skills, and abilities. The process of earning the title of Trooper is rich in our history and, when achieved, leaves the individual feeling proud, inspired, and motivated to serve the Maine community.