Evidence Receiving

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Maine State Police Crime Lab 
26 Hospital Street Augusta, Maine 04333

Evidence Receiving Hours

8 am to 3:30 pm M,W,F

After hours requests for evidence submission, please call Maine State Police Dispatch at 207-624-7076.

Evidence Portal

The Maine State Police Crime Lab now offers LIMS-Plus Portal.  The Portal gives your agency the ability to pre-log evidence prior to arrival, check the status of submitted cases, and access final reports.  Contact the Lab for more information about accessing the Portal.  

Evidence Packaging  

The Maine State Police Crime Laboratory is committed to excellence in evidence integrity. For that reason, we will only accept evidence that is properly packaged and sealed.

  • Air dry all wet evidence
  • Use clean and unused containers
  • Package all items separately
  • Package in paper (exceptions: adhesive tape, food items, condoms, fire debris)
  • Tape seal all items (do NOT use staples for any seal)
  • Initial and date all tape seals
  • Label all containers
  • Agency case number
  • Officer's item number
  • Contents description
  • Source (victim, scene, suspect)

Evidence Submission

The following information is required, in order to submit evidence to the Lab.

  • Agency case number
  • Case synopsis
  • Offense
  • Location and date of incident
  • Individual involved, including DOB
  • Primary investigator


Click the link below for important information regarding DNA Evidence submission:

DNA Evidence Submission Relating to Property Crimes