Evidence Receiving

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Maine State Police Crime Lab 
26 Hospital Street Augusta, Maine 04333

Evidence Receiving Hours

8 am to 3:30 pm M,W,F

After hours requests for evidence submission, please call Maine State Police Dispatch at 207-624-7076


Evidence Packaging  

The Maine State Police Crime Laboratory is committed to excellence in evidence integrity. For that reason, we will only accept evidence that is properly packaged and sealed.

  • Air dry all wet evidence
  • Use clean and unused containers
  • Package all items separately
  • Package in paper (exceptions: adhesive tape, food items, condoms, fire debris)
  • Tape seal all items (do NOT use staples for any seal)
  • Initial and date all tape seals
  • Label all containers
  • Agency case number
  • Officer's item number
  • Contents description
  • Source (victim, scene, suspect)

Evidence Submission

The following information is required, in order to submit evidence to the Lab.

  • Agency case number
  • Case synopsis
  • Offense
  • Location and date of incident
  • Individual involved, including DOB
  • Primary investigator