Licenses & Permits

COVID-19 NOTE: Due to events surrounding COVID-19 State of Emergency, the State Police are not currently processing new or renewal applications for concealed handgun permits, professional investigator or contract security licenses.  We understand this is an important public service for Maine residents and non-residents alike and it is our intent to continue this service as soon as our capacity and resources allow.  However, if you submit or have submitted a timely application for a license or a permit during this time period (i.e. the application is not expired when we receive it) the license and permit remains in effect pursuant to 5 MRS §10002.   If you have a concealed handgun permit from an issuing authority other than the Maine State Police you need to check with them for advice and guidance.  

Effective August 1st 2017 all program responsibility for non-profit gaming (beano and games of chance) will be transferred to the Gambling Control Unit (GCU).  All matters previously handled by the Maine State Police will be handled by the GCU.  This includes the licensing, registration and administrative paperwork associated with non-profit gaming (beano and games of chance) in addition to any questions or complaints.  Please click on the link below to be forwarded to GCU’s website for additional information.