Family Resources

Family members left to grieve for loved ones whose murders remain unresolved suffer unique emotions and challenges.

Members of the Unsolved Homicide Unit appreciate the intensity of those feelings and aspire to do what we can to ensure family members that their loved ones' cases continue to be a priority for investigators and prosecutors.

If you or a member of your family have questions concerning the status of your loved one's case please feel free to reach out to Renee Ordway, the victim advocate for the Unsolved Homicide Unit.

Renee is one of three victim advocates who work for the Office of the Attorney General. She is specifically assigned to work with family members in unsolved homicide cases.

Renee's job is to be responsive to you and to your concerns and to coordinate communication between you and the detective assigned to the case.

In order to assure proper communication it is important that Renee be kept informed of the current phone numbers and addresses of family members. If you have not been contacted by Renee, or are unsure if she has your most recent information, please contact her.

Renee can be reached by calling 207-626-8598 or by emailing her.