Lab Services

Lab Services
(Photo by Katy England)

The Maine State Police Crime Laboratory has served Maine since 1926. Our services are offered to all law enforcement agencies operating within the borders of Maine.

The Crime Laboratory employs some of the most state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation available to the scientific community. We are able to compare evidence collected from crime scenes, victims and/or suspects to known samples to link or eliminate victims and/or suspects to the crime scene and/or to each other.

The Crime Laboratory is divided into several sections: Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Biology, Firearms/Toolmarks and Latent Prints. These sections conduct scientific analyses in the following forensic disciplines:

  • Serological Screening and Body Fluid Identification
  • Trace Evidence Identification and Comparison
  • Fire Debris Analysis
  • DNA Analysis and CODIS Database
  • Firearms Examination
  • Toolmark Examinations
  • Gunshot Residue and Distance Determination
  • Serial Number and VIN Restoration
  • Fingerprint and Palm Print Comparisons and Identification
  • Footwear and Tire Comparisons and Identification
  • Physical Matching Comparisons and Identification.