Hiring and Exam Process

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1. ALERT EXAMINATION: Applicants must have already taken and passed the ALERT test prior to applying for placement on the Employment Register. This may be done by calling 207-877-8000 (there is a $50.00 fee for this test). Testing is normally scheduled for the first and third Wednesday of every month at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy in Vassalboro, Maine. This test must meet the Maine Criminal Justice Academy's minimum passing score for entrance into basic law enforcement training. Test questions are multiple choice and fall within the categories of Writing Skills and Reading Comprehension.

2. PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST (PFT): Applicants must have already taken and passed the Pre-Employment PFT at the 40th% within the past year prior to applying for placement on the Employment Register. This may be done by calling 207-830-0665 (there is a $50 fee for this test). The Physical Fitness Test (PFT) is a Pass/Fail test. It consists of three events: Timed Push-Up Test (one minute), Timed Sit-Up Test (one minute), and 1.5 Mile Run..

3. APPLICATION EVALUATION: Applications are reviewed to verify that each candidate meets the established Minimum Requirements. Candidates who do not meet these requirements are disqualified from further consideration. 

4. ORAL BOARD EXAMINATION: All candidates successfully meeting the Minimum Requirements will be scheduled for an Oral Board Examination. The Oral Board is a structured interview that evaluates applicants' skills in the areas of Commitment & Independence; Judgment & Logic; Decision Making Decisiveness; Tact & Diplomacy; and Communication Skills. The Oral Board is a pass/fail component of the applicant process.

You are NOT required to complete any phases of the Law Enforcement Pre-Service training offered by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.  

Hiring Process

The Maine State Police hiring process is not only thorough but extremely competitive. Candidates will be subject to the following:

Polygraph Examination: This will be conducted by one of our Certified Polygraph Examiners.

Background Investigation: The background investigator will gather information about the candidate, including military service, education, motor vehicle record, criminal history record, financial record, work history, and references.

Screening Committee Review: The screening committee will examine the results of the background investigation as well as the polygraph examination to determine if the candidate is eligible to continue. This determination will be reached by weighing all information received.

Colonel's Interview: Once the screening committee determines that the candidate should continue in the process, the candidate is then scheduled for an interview with the Chief, Deputy Chief, or Majors of the Maine State Police.

Psychological Examination: Each candidate will be scheduled for a psychological examination to determine if he/she is mentally fit to handle the intense and demanding aspects of being a Maine State Trooper.

Medical Evaluation: Each candidate at this point in the process will be scheduled for a medical examination to determine if the candidate is medically fit for the complex duties of a Maine State Trooper.


Approximately one month prior to the start date of the school, the Maine Criminal Justice Academy will require that every candidate who is attending the Basic Law Enforcement Training Program attend an orientation and successfully pass the Physical Fitness Test.

NOTE: Each component of the State Police Trooper examination process must be completed successfully. Failure to successfully complete a component (or portion of a component) will result in disqualification from further consideration. Applicants who are eliminated from consideration must wait six months from the date of elimination before reapplying.

How do you apply?

You can apply online.

Direct Hire Application Forms also may be obtained from the State Bureau of Human Resources, Maine State Police Personnel Office, and any local Maine Job Service Office.



If you have any other questions, please contact the Maine State Police Training Unit at 207-830-0665 or email at Recruiter.MSP@maine.gov



page updated 07/17/2023