Missing Persons

The Maine State Police Major Crimes Units often assist other law enforcement agencies with or fully investigate reports of missing persons, especially if suspicious circumstances exist. Our objective is to locate these missing individuals and pursue justice against those who caused their disappearance or death through criminal means. You will find information on many of the missing persons cases being investigated by the Maine State Police in this area of our website. We urge anyone with information regarding any missing persons case to contact us or the investigating law enforcement agency. You may leave a tip here: Leave a Tip. Your tip will be forwarded to the Major Crimes Unit in the identified area.

Person Year Town
Chapman, Douglas 1971 Alfred
Belanger, Ludger 1975 Route 105, Washington
Rourke, Pauline 1976 Fairfield
Hoover, Jesse O. 1983 Millinocket
Letarte, Philip 1986 Woodland
Moreau, Kimberly 1986 Jay
Garlick, William 1982 Bangor/Alton
Johnson, Kay 1986 Monson
Price, Leonard 1983 Eddington
Bichrest, Joseph 1976 Greenville
Pictou Noyes, Virginia 1993 Houlton
Boardman, George 2000 Bingham
Alex, Jeremy 2004 Northport
Joyce, John 1982 Bangor/Alton
Desmond, Robert 1964 Kennebunk
Kelley, Sebastian 2017 Westbrook
Burnett, Russell 2017 Franklin
Estey, Diana 2016 Medford
Madore, Michael 1996 Milo
Ross, Bernard "Bunny" 1977 Fort Kent/Ashland
Carmel, Guy 2017 Greenbush
Newton, Kurt 1975 Chain of Ponds Township
Simpson, Harold 1986 Livermore Falls
Jakaitis, Michelle 1987 Dixfield
Hotham, Roderick 1992 Veazie
Lehan, Marilyn 2002 Eastport
Johnson, Fay 2012 Bethel/Lewiston
Reynolds, Ayla 2011 Waterville
Day, Roger 1973 Porter
Moon-Atwood, Shirley 2006 Canaan
Kennard, Stanley 1987 Madison
Thompson, Stephen 1986 Oakland
Arey, Colin J. 2017 Bucksport
Torres, Angel Antonio 1999 Biddeford
Shaw, Attiin 2021 Washburn