Rourke, Pauline

Case Date: 1976

Town: Fairfield

Rourke was reported Missing on 12-15-76. She lived in a mobile home with Albert P. Cochran. Rourke was last seen by her daughter. Her daughter reported overhearing her mother and Cochran arguing the night before she disappeared. Rourke was scheduled to be interviewed by State Police investigators in reference to the Janet Baxter homicide as a possible witness against Cochran.

Cochran was convicted of the murder of Janet Baxter in 1998 and denies any knowledge of Rourke's disappearance. Rourke's body has not been recovered.

Contact: Maine State Police, Major Crimes Unit-Central, 36 Hospital St., Augusta, ME, 04330; (207)624-7076 x9. (207)657-5748 (Fax).

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