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Maine State Police Make Arrest in 36-year-old Aroostook County Homicide Case

From the desk of Shannon Moss, DPS PIO.

On Monday, June 13, 2022, Maine State Police Detectives traveled to Lowell, Massachusetts to arrest the mother of Baby Jane Doe who was found dead in Frenchville, Maine on December 7, 1985. Baby Jane Doe was first discovered after a dog found the newborn and carried her less than 700 feet to his owner’s home. State Police Detectives were able to track the dog’s path back to the location where the investigation showed Baby Jane Doe was born and then abandoned in below zero temperatures at a gravel pit in Frenchville.
This case was the culmination of decades worth of investigative work from dozens of now retired and current detectives who never gave up finding answers and justice for Baby Jane Doe.  Over the past two years or so, Detective Jay Pelletier of the State Police Unsolved Homicide Unit and also from Aroostook County has headed up this investigation. Det. Pelletier worked alongside of Detective Chad Lindsey of Major Crimes Unit North which is out of Bangor and Houlton and covers Aroostook County. Detectives Pelletier and Lindsay have chased every lead and spent countless hours working and following new leads that helped identify Baby Jane Doe’s mother.   
Over the years through advancements in technology to include DNA and genetic genealogy the Maine State Police were able to identify 58-year-old Lee Ann Daigle, formerly Lee Ann Guerrette, of Lowell, Massachusetts as Baby Jane Doe’s mother. In collaboration with the Attorney General’s Office, Daigle was indicted by an Aroostook County Grand Jury on one count of murder and an arrest warrant was issued. Daigle was arrested outside her home without incident on June 13, 2022, waived extradition, and was brought to Maine Monday morning. 
Daigle has been charged with murder and is currently being held at the Aroostook County Jail in Houlton. Daigle will make her first court appearance at the Aroostook County Court House via Zoom at 11:30 a.m. 

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Recently, members of the Unsolved Homicide Unit, including a Prosecutor, Investigators, Forensic Chemist, and Victim Witness Advocate sat down with Kylie Low from the Dark Downeast Podcast (A Podcast that has highlighted several of our unsolved cases).  They spoke about their approach to Maine’s unsolved murders and missing persons believed to be murdered.  You can listen here.

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•    Recently resolved cases have had a common theme. People provided information  crucial to filing charges
•    We are interested in first-hand information (what you saw, what you heard)
•    Do not assume that investigators know to speak with you
•    Relationships change and now could be the time to reach out to us with what you know

The information you provide could:
•    Lead us in a new direction
•    Corroborate current information in a case file
•    Provide answers for family members and friends who are grieving 

Those who have information on our cold cases, please call (207)624-7143 or visit our website at 
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