January 2022

  • Law Enforcement looking for the public’s help in locating missing Naples man

    Mark Conley NOTE: The Maine State Police and the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office will be holding a news conference at 11:00 a.m. Monday, Jan. 3, 2022, regarding a missing Naples man.

    The Maine State Police is assisting the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office with a missing person case. Both agencies are seeking the public’s help in locating 67-year-old Mark Conley of Naples. Mr. Conley is a white male, 5’8” tall, 200 lbs., with balding hair, blue eyes, and a grey goatee. Conley’s family is very concerned for his well-being after not showing up for a Christmas gathering. Mr. Conley was last seen on December 24, 2021, in the Lewiston area. Mr. Conley lives in Naples and drives a Silver 2016 Jeep Patriot bearing Maine license plate 5823XK. Anyone who has information concerning Mr. Conley’s whereabouts is urged to contact law enforcement. A photograph of Mr. Conley is attached. 

  • Washington County woman arrested for murder in the shooting death of ex-boyfriend

    On Sunday, December 26, 2021, at approximately 8:52 pm, a 911 call was received from 47 Tranquility Lane in Perry reporting a male subject had been shot. Police officers from Pleasant Point PD and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office as well as EMTs arrived at the residence to find the victim, 50-year-old Jason “Cowboy” Aubuchon of Eastport, had been shot. Aubuchon was transported to Calais hospital where he was pronounced dead. The Maine State Police Major Crimes Unit was called to investigate the death. Aubuchon was transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Augusta where an autopsy was performed on Monday, December 27, 2021. The death was ruled a homicide. Members of the Maine State Police Evidence Response Team processed the residence while detectives continued to investigate the circumstances of the death. On Thursday, December 30, 2021, an arrest warrant for the charge of murder was obtained for 40-year-old Danielle Wheeler of Perry. Wheeler who was Aubuchon’s ex-girlfriend was located in Perry and was arrested without incident. Wheeler was transported to the Washington County Jail. Her initial appearance has not been determined. 

  • Troop J Weekly Report (12-27-21 to 01-02-22)

    # of School Visits conducted – 0

    # of OUI Alcohol Arrests – 2

    # of OUI Drug Arrests – 0

    # of DV Arrests – 0


    Trooper Kim Sawyer summonsed Carolyn Sutherland (Curioli) (27) of Edmunds for Operating After Suspension and Operating without a License in Edmonds.

    Corporal Blaine Silk investigated a personal injury auto accident on the Hog Bay Road in Franklin. Investigation continues.


    Trooper Jarid Leonard arrested Jeffrey Lynn (39) of Gouldsboro during a traffic stop in Steuben. Jeffrey was charged with Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol.


    Corporal Jeff Taylor responded to a two-vehicle crash in Harrington where one of the operators, Matthew Hurlbert (39) of Harrington, was arrested for Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol. 



  • Troop F Weekly Report 12-27-21 to 01-02-22

    Incident Type:         warrant

    Date:                          12/27/2021

    Town:                        littleton

    Trooper:                   TR. CASTONGUAY

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Castonguay was conducting traffic enforcement in Littleton and stopped a vehicle for speeding.  After an investigation, it was discovered the male driver had a warrant for his arrest for failing to appear in court for domestic violence charges and probation revocation.  Tr. Castonguay took the man into custody without incident and transported him to the Aroostook County Jail in Houlton.  His vehicle was towed from the roadway.


    Incident Type:         OUI

    Date:                          12/28/2021

    Town:                        hodgdon

    Trooper:                   CPL. QUINT

    Brief Synopsis:       Cpl. Quint and Tr. Desrosier responded to a single vehicle crash in Hodgdon.  It was reported a man went off the road with his vehicle and was unresponsive.  The caller added that a pickup is trying to help the man get his car unstuck.  When the Troopers arrived, they found a man behind the wheel of the vehicle uninjured.  He missed a stop sign and drove across the Walker Road into a field getting stuck in the snow.  After an investigation, the man was arrested for OUI by Cpl. Quint and transported to the jail for an Intoxilyzer test and then released on bail.


    Incident Type:         recovered stolen vehicle / warrant

    Date:                          12/29/2021

    Town:                        patten

    Trooper:                   TR. CASTONGUAY

    Brief Synopsis:       Bangor PD took a stolen vehicle report and had leads the vehicle may be in the Southern Aroostook/Northern Penobscot area and they knew who was driving.  A Game Warden observed the vehicle at a residence in Patten and notified the RCC.  Tr. Castonguay responded to the residence and confirmed it was the reported vehicle.  The man that took the car was inside the residence and was arrested on an unrelated warrant.  Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department was coming to the Aroostook County Jail in Houlton and took the man back to their jail for Tr. Castonguay.  The vehicle’s owner was notified and came to retrieve the car.  


    Incident Type:         operating without license

    Date:                          1/2/2022

    Town:                        grand isle

    Trooper:                   TR. DESROSIER

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Desrosier was conducting traffic enforcement in Grand Isle.  He observed a defective vehicle and conducted a traffic stop on the car.  After an investigation, it was discovered the driver had a non-extraditable warrant from Florida and a suspended driver’s license.  Tr. Desrosier issued the man a criminal summons for the violation and a warning for the vehicle defect.  A licensed driver was located to get the man and his vehicle.


    Incident Type:         OAS

    Date:                          12/30/2021

    Town:                        Houlton

    Trooper:                   Tr. Cotton

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Cotton was patrolling the Houlton area in the early hours of 12/30 when he observed an SUV with an obstructed rear plate. Tr. Cotton initiated a traffic stop and found the operator had a suspended driver’s license. Tr. Cotton summonsed the operator and allowed him to park the SUV in the parking lot of a nearby gas station.  


    Incident Type:         VIOLATION OF BAIL

    Date:                          12/30/2021

    Town:                        Houlton

    Trooper:                   Tr. Cotton

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Cotton was patrolling the Houlton area in the early hours of 12/30 when he observed a suspicious SUV traveling between an ATM and a local gas station. Tr. Cotton initiated a traffic stop with the SUV for having an obstructed rear plate. Tr. Cotton later found that the vehicle did not have registration plates or insurance. The operator of the vehicle had an open container of alcohol in the center console. Further investigation revealed that both the operator and passenger had bail conditions and the operator was not allowed to consume or possess alcohol. Tr. Cotton conducted a search of the vehicle and summonsed the operator for VCR. The vehicle was towed from the scene. 


    Incident Type:         Operating without a license

    Date:                          12/31/2021

    Town:                        Haynesville

    Trooper:                   Tr. Cotton

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Cotton was conducting traffic enforcement on Route 2A in Haynesville when he observed a truck with no inspection sticker. Tr. Cotton initiated a traffic stop with the vehicle and learned that the operator had moved to the area from Ohio and was not aware of the State inspection requirement for vehicles. Further investigation revealed the operator had a suspended Ohio license. Tr. Cotton summonsed the man for operating without a license and allowed the man to drive his truck to his house.


    Incident Type:         Criminal Registration Violation

    Date:                          12/31/2021

    Town:                        Houlton

    Trooper:                   Tr. Cotton

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Cotton was patrolling the Houlton area when he observed a red jeep with a registration that expired a year ago. Tr. Cotton initiated a traffic stop and confirmed the operator had not registered his jeep in a year. Tr. Cotton summonsed the man for the violation.


    Incident Type:         PD Crash/ OP without a license

    Date:                          12/29/2021

    Town:                        Island Falls

    Trooper:                   Tr. Merchant

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Merchant responded to a report of a vehicle in the ditch on Interstate 95 in Island Falls. Tr. Merchant conducted a crash investigation and learned that the operator had a suspended driver’s license out of Alabama. Tr. Merchant summonsed the male for the violation and Hayes towing removed the vehicle from the scene.


    Incident Type:         PI Crash

    Date:                          12/31/2021

    Town:                        Island Falls

    Trooper:                   Tr. Merchant

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr Merchant responded to a vehicle crash on Interstate 95 Northbound near Mile Marker 277 on the median side of road. The vehicle came to rest in the trees. The operator, George O’Bar III of Bangor, was unable to open the doors of the vehicle. Island Falls Fire and Ambulance assisted in opening the doors and assisted O’Bar out of the vehicle. O’Bar was transported to Houlton Regional Hospital. O’Bar was wearing his seat belt and air bags were deployed. Hayes Towing recovered the vehicle. This investigation is ongoing.   [CHJ1] 


    Incident Type:         OAS/Warrant

    Date:                          12/28/2021

    Town:                        mars hill

    Trooper:                   sgt. haines

    Brief Synopsis:       Sgt. Haines stopped a vehicle in Mars Hill for a traffic violation.  As a result of the stop, Sgt. Haines charged the operator, a 27-year old Easton man with OAS and Operating Unregistered Vehicle.  The man was also arrested on several outstanding warrants.  He was transported to Presque Isle where he was able to make bail. 


    Incident Type:         traffic summons

    Date:                          1/02/2022

    Town:                        oakfield

    Trooper:                   tr. saucier

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Saucier responded to a motor vehicle crash in Oakfield after a homeowner called to report someone struck his garage and left the scene.  Tr. Saucier was able to develop a suspect and located him approximately 3 hours after the crash.  The operator admitted to the operation and leaving the scene.  As a result, Tr. Saucier charged the 34-year old Merrill man with Leaving the Scene of an Accident.


  • Troop B Weekly Report 12/27/21-01/02/22

    Week Beginning: 12/27/2021 – 01/02/2022

    Troop/ Unit: Maine State Police - Troop B

    # of School Visits conducted – 0                      

    # of Use of Force Incidents – 0

    # of OUI Alcohol Arrests – 2                                             

    # of Minimum Shifts used – 19

    # of OUI Drug Arrests – 0                                  

    # of DV Arrests – 0


    Tr. Watson and Tr. Gleaton were in Livermore when they noticed a vehicle plowed in on the side of the road. Tr. Watson and Tr. Gleaton found empty twisted tea cans in the vehicle and on the ground outside the vehicle, as well as a prescription containing suboxone prescribed to Christina Noll. The vehicle was registered to a person who is deceased. Tr. Gleaton was unable to contact Noll. The vehicle was towed, and the plates were seized. The suboxone was seized for safekeeping.


    Tr. Gleaton stopped a motor vehicle that had a suspended registration since September 2021 for failure to pay tolls. The plate covering was also heavily tinted, as well as the driver and passenger windows. Tr. Gleaton issued a VSAC for failure to register.



    Tr. Knight stopped a vehicle in Bridgton for multiple vehicle violations at 1300 hours. Tr. Knight determined the operator was impaired and she was arrested. Tr. Knight summonsed the operator for OUI and DTE.

    Tr. Knight was called out to an overdose in Hiram. The subject’s father administered two doses of Narcan prior to Rescue’s arrival. The subject was stable upon Rescue’s arrival but was transported. Tr. Knight arrived on scene after the subject’s transport. 1g of Fentanyl was seized.

    12/27/2021 -12/31/2021

    Trooper Willard stopped (4) vehicles for Suspended Registration. All drivers were summonsed accordingly.



    Tr. Lemieux was traveling north on I-295 in Portland. At this time, he observed a vehicle quickly approaching him in lane one. On radar Tr. Lemieux saw the vehicle was traveling 80mph in a posted 50mph zone. Tr. Lemieux stopped the driver and cited him appropriately.

    Tr. Lemieux was clearing a stop on I-295 in Portland when a truck passed him with a defective exhaust. Tr. Lemieux followed the vehicle into Portland and saw a defective brake light. The vehicle pulled into the Park and Ride on Marginal Way. Tr. Lemieux stopped the vehicle and the driver jumped out and started walking towards the front of the vehicle. The driver yelled at Tr. Lemieux and finally got back into the vehicle after he was ordered to several times. The driver originally provided his brother’s name and date of birth. The driver later provided his name as being Charles Corant of Fryeburg. CORANT had a revoked driver’s license. Inspecting the vehicle, it was found it had a fictitious inspection. The vehicle was towed and CORANT was issued a summons.


    Tr. Lemieux stopped a vehicle in Durham for expired inspection. He made contact with the driver who was identified as Sharod Nunes of Freeport. Nunes had a revoked driver’s license and was on probation and bail. NUNES was searched and issued a summons. The passenger who had an active license drove the vehicle away. Tr. Nilsen assisted with the stop.


    Tr. Willard stopped a vehicle for traveling 95 mph in a posted 65 mph zone. The operator John Kelley (20) was summonsed accordingly.

    Tr. Willard stopped a vehicle for traveling 87 mph in a posted 55 mph zone.  The operator Taylor McKay (21) was summonsed accordingly.

    Tr. Gleaton was southbound on 295 in Portland when a vehicle came up behind her going 98 mph in a 65-mph zone. Tr. Gleaton reduced the criminal speed to a VSAC of 29 mph over.


  • Green man wanted for felony domestic violence

    Robinson photoTrooper Nathan Jamo from Troop B is asking for the public’s assistance in locating Robert L. Robinson Jr., 39, of Greene, Maine. Robinson is currently wanted on felony domestic violence charges after he assaulted a woman.

    Robinson should be operating a black 2016 Chevrolet Silverado crew cab pickup and frequenting the Androscoggin County area.

    If you come into contact with Robinson or can provide additional information, please contact the Maine State Police at (207) 624-7076.

  • Troop G Weekly Report - 12/27/2021 - 01/02/2022

    On 12/31/2021, Tr. Ellis stopped Yvon Gom Kidiamene (18) of Sanford on the ME turnpike for failing to obey a traffic control device northbound in Saco. He was found to not have a valid driver’s license. He was summonsed and a licensed driver drove the vehicle away.

    On 12/31/2021, Tr. Ellis stopped Kayla Parent (28) of Brunswick on the ME turnpike for erratic operation southbound in Saco. She was put through field sobriety tests, found to be impaired, and arrested. She was taken to Saco PD for a breathalyzer test. She blew over the legal limit and was charged with operating under the influence and operating after suspension.

    On 12/31/2021, Cpl. Peckham attempted to stop a black BMW in Falmouth on I-95 after receiving two erratic operation complaints as well as no registration plates. The vehicle attempted to elude and crashed on I-495 in the EZ Pass lane. Elijah Cambrola (18) of Kennebunk was arrested and charged with eluding, reckless conduct, failure to stop, criminal speed, driving to endanger, operating w/o license, failure to register, duty to inform law enforcement and having loaded firearm in motor vehicle. Passenger James Marr (22) of Biddeford was arrested on a warrant. Tr. Parks, Tr. Willard, and Tr. Anstett assisted.

    On 12/31/2021, Cpl. Peckham checked on stranded motorist, Charles Richardson (39) of Lewiston, on I-95 in Gray. Richardson was wanted on an FTA warrant and was PR bailed with a new Lewiston court date.

    On 12/31/2021, Sgt. Wilkinson and Cpl. Physic responded to a crash southbound on I-95 in the area of mile marker 2 in Kittery. A front tire to the tractor unit blew. The operator lost control of the unit and the trailer struck the center median guardrail and the Wilson Road overpass causing the Poland Spring water bottles to be ejected from the trailer which subsequently covered the highway. The operator was not injured, and no other vehicles were involved. Lanes 1 and 2 southbound were shut down for a considerable amount of time for cleanup; however, lane 3 remained opened throughout. The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit (CVEU) was notified. Kittery Police and Fire Departments assisted. MTA personnel assessed the damage to the bridge abutment.

    On 01/01/2022, Sgt Pappas arrested Taylor Couture for OUI.  She blew over the legal limit.

    On 01/02/2022, Tr. Ellis contacted Christopher Berry (52) of Scarborough on the ME turnpike southbound in South Portland. His driver’s license was found to be suspended. He was charged with operating after suspension. A licensed driver drove the vehicle away.

    On 01/02/2022, Tr. Ellis stopped Thonglo Chanthapho (56) of Sanford for speeding 105/70 and unsafe passing on the ME turnpike northbound in Kennebunk. The ME turnpike was under a winter weather caution and plows were active in the area. He was charged with driving to endanger. His vehicle was towed away.

  • Silver Alert Richard Savage

    Richard SavageUPDATE: He has been located. Thank you!


    The Bangor Police Department has issued a Silver Alert for 83 year old Richard Savage. Savage who is a white male, 5’11”, 185 lbs. with white hair and blue eyes was last seen leaving the Maine Veterans’ Home in Bangor Wednesday, January 5, 2022 around 9:30 a.m. with a friend. The friend was bringing Savage to a dentist appointment at 93 Lee Rd. in Lincoln but may have stopped at Savage’s home on Lemay Rd. in West Enfield and allowed him to grab one of his three vehicles. The staff at the dentist office says they did see Savage driving himself away from the office at 4:30 p.m. 
    Savage suffers from dementia but according to the staff at the Maine Veterans’ Home he functions well.
    The vehicle Savage is driving has not been confirmed but the following vehicles are registered to Savage. 
    ME PC 9971UY BLK 1985 CHEVY P/U
    ME CO 5C7718 SIL 2000 SILVERADO 1500
    Anyone who sees Richard Savage or has information should call Bangor PD at 207.942.8211
    Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

  • Maine State Police looking for Androscoggin County woman missing since New Year’s Day

    Jennifer MyrandUPDATE: She has been located safely. Thank you for your assistance.

    Maine State Police are investigating the report of a missing person. 38-year-old Jennifer Myrand of Greene was last seen at her mother’s house in Belgrade on January 1, 2022, at 7:00 a.m. It is believed that Jennifer left the residence sometime between 7:00 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. She has not been located and family and friends have not heard from her since January 1st.

    Jennifer is known to frequent the Greene/Androscoggin County area. She is a white female, 5’5”, 135 lbs. with brown hair and hazel eyes. A photo of Jennifer is attached.

    If anyone sees Jennifer or has any information about her whereabouts please contact Trooper Blake Conrad at 207.624.7076 Ext. 9

  • Fatal crash in Washington County

    On Wednesday, January 5, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. Maine State Troopers responded to a single vehicle crash on Calais Rd. in Danforth. The vehicle, driven by 81-year-old Anthony Swett of Columbia Falls, ME was traveling northbound when the vehicle went off the road and struck a tree. Mr. Swett was pronounced dead at the scene. He was the only occupant in the vehicle. Initial investigation shows weather and inadequate tires for road conditions are contributing factors in the crash.

    The crash remains under investigation.